Houston’s ‘All Gender Bathrooms’ Discriminate Against Everyone

Editor’s note: If you think this whole bathroom battle won’t effect you, think again. It’s coming to a bathroom near you at the dentist’s office, the health club, the grocery store and more. I find it reprehensible that a desire for privacy and decency is being equated with hate or racism. I love people, but I don’t want men in the ladies’ restrooms and lockers rooms. When I asked my stepmom — a lovely, soft-spoken, southern, Christian woman — her thoughts on these “coed” bathrooms she replied, “I find it horrifying!” I concur. It is just that. Time to stand for decency folks. Being timid is not an option: you’re either salt and light or your ceding to the darkness. Tami Jackson

A recent trip to a doctor’s office in Houston, Texas, presented a heterosexual female with a conundrum. She asked where the bathroom was, and the receptionist told her down the hall. There were two bathrooms on either side of the hall, with the same signs and interior. Her choice was to use an “All Gender Restroom” along with heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, intersex, bisexual, and lesbian users, transpecies, or none at all.

She entered when the bathroom was empty, but she exited her stall to run right into a man using the urinal. A non-transgender man.

Both of their right to privacy was violated. Both of their choices were eliminated.

What about her choice to protect her body? What about his?  […]

Source: Houston’s ‘All Gender Bathrooms’ Discriminate Against Everyone

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