Thomas A Mix alias Arzi Queer Troll with Many Names

Thomas A Mix (alias Thomas Arzi, alias “Jim Davis”) the full-time queer troll and stalker does not want anyone to know he has a criminal record for assaulting his own father, and is banned from his parents’ house by court order.

Thomas A Mix

                      Mixed-up Mix

We posted the documentary evidence in an earlier article. He is now suing the person who found the online records for supposed “libel”. Thomas uses Twitter under the name of @_Lazarus and uses it to pour out non-stop invective against those who revealed his violent criminal past. 

But the name is taken from an internet game, and the photograph he uses is of a charcter in the game.  What he really looks like is shown above. Spotty with thick glasses and crooked teeth.

Like his disturbed and deranged sister @NicoleBonnet1, Thomas uses all sorts of fake names to plague people on the internet, He has a Facebook page under the name of 


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To see what he shares with friends, send him a friend request.

 He claims among other things to be retired and to live in Prague, in the Czech Republic .  It’s all lies. 





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