Rocky Allen Denver Queer Junkie endangered thousands with HIV and hepatitis

Rocky Allen, the hospital lab assistant who put thousands of patients at risk by switching needles so he could steal the drug Fentanyl, has tested positive for HIV. Allen’s Facebook and Twitter accounts made it clear he was a homosexual and an avid supporter of the LGBT movement. He was caught last February stealing drugs from the Swedish medical surgery where he worked and is now being prosecuted by the FBI for endangering public health,

Surgical tech caught switching syringes tests positive for HIV

WXIA-TV Atlanta

June 2, 2016

Surgical tech caught switching syringes tests positive for HIV


DENVER- The surgical tech who prompted blood disease testing of thousands of patients has tested positive for HIV and negative for Hepatitis B and C. The U.S. Attorney in Colorado announced the results of Rocky Allen’s blood testing on Wednesday afternoon, adding that “to date there have been no reported cases of transmission of HIV” or any other blood diseases.

Surgery Pro Rocky Allen’s Alleged Drug Theft Leads to Hep B Tests for 3K Patients

Rocky Allen and a friend.

Rocky Allen and a friend.

Nearly 3,000 patients of Swedish Medical Center will be receiving an unsettling letter.

The missive, on view below, informs them that they should be tested for hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV, because of “possible drug diversion (the stealing of narcotic pain medication intended for patients) by a former employee, a surgical technician, which may have put some surgical patients at risk.”

The individual in question has been identified by the Englewood Police Department as surgical technologist Rocky Allen, 28.




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