MercatorNet: Why? We hanker after instant gratification

Before the year 2000, no US state recognized same-sex marriage. By 2015, it was legal throughout the US and most of Western Europe. Before 2015 most Americans knew nothing about transgender issues. Within a year transgender issues are on the front pages of newspapers every day and schools may be forced to provide special bathrooms for trans students. The pace of change in the sexual revolution is not just rapid. It’s accelerating around the world. Why? This is the second instalment in a MercatorNet symposium.

WALTER SCHUMM: our culture puts a premium on what is fast and pleasurable, regardless of the long-term consequences.

Why is the pace of the sexual revolution accelerating so quickly?

That is a great question. One of my failures in life was that I made an assumption that it would not do that. If I had assumed otherwise, I would have begun evaluating research on that topic much earlier in my career. For example, I would have re-analyzed all of Dr Evelyn Hooker’s data on homosexual men rather than having to settle for an analysis of what little could be reconstructed from her publications. I would have obtained the NESARC data set before the Federal government restricted it.

The truth is I probably don’t know any more about this than anyone else but I will give it a shot and see how others react.

I think as a culture in the West we are losing sight of the value of delayed gratification. Radio and TV (perhaps Facebook, too) focus on appearances and reward people for having better appearances.

The store that can get you your pizza faster (for the same cost and taste) will likely get rewarded by more of your business. I think we have put a premium on fast and pleasurable, regardless of the long-term consequences. Well, my deceased colleague Dr. Bruce Bell used to say you can have two of three: good, fast, cheap. But not three out of three.

The problem is that none of us are perfect. That means that developing a good relationship with others, children, or with God will take time, effort, and sacrifice from each person involved. But if the value of good is not proclaimed effectively, who will want to bother with a long-term proposition like that? If good is not part of your equation of life, then it’s down to fast and cheap, which can lead to a lot of relationship turnover. […]

Source: MercatorNet: Why? We hanker after instant gratification


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