What goes on at ‘gay’ club events – Part II

These people are so sick in the head. They really do need help. They are afraid of that help and would rather die from AIDS/HIV than seek help. <ADMIN>

Most people have no idea what goes on in the “gay straight alliance” (GSA) clubs in high schools (and now middle schools!) across America. Parents are told that these are simply “support” groups for youth. But in fact, it’s worse than anyone realizes.

As we’ve often warned people, these clubs bring kids into contact with radical homosexual and transgender activists. They encourage kids to feel comfortable engaging in homosexual and transgender activity. They provide the kids with sexually-oriented literature and paraphernalia, and a heavy dose of destructive LGBT ideology.

In our last post, we reported on the taxpayer-supported  “Massachusetts Youth Pride” event, an annual gathering for middle school and high school “gay straight alliance” clubs from across the state. It was held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Boston City Hall Plaza. We were able to see first-hand what they’re really teaching the middle school and high school students whom they attract to these clubs, and the aberrant adults who are involved. […]

Source: What goes on at ‘gay’ club events – Part II


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