Homosexual Admits He Barricaded Door of Orlando NightClub Trapping Other Victims Inside

The homosexuals have been waging a war on Christians for so long in America we can’t even remember how long it has been going on. Shame they are too stupid to realise that the more they weaken the Christian culture, the more they invite in the Muslims, who will just cut their throats.

The Orlando nightclub shootings are just what could have been predicted from President Obama’s encouragement of two completely un-Christian and anti-social belief systems, totally incompatible with each other. Whoosh!  The tinder has caught fire. 

But are you wondering how and why so many got killed? why didn’t they just escape when it started? Surely all of these clubs have an exit and an emergency exit in case of fire?

Here one guy who was at the club admits that he locked the door behind him as soon as he escaped, and barricaded all the other homosexuals INSIDE.

STUPID doesn’t even cover it. Imbecile, idiot, crass , braindead might be getting a bit closer. 

I hate to tell you people, but your claims to be a “gay community” are just fake. When it comes down to it, you are all selfish and each one just out for ME ME ME.

Several other wounded survivors confirm that the exit was blocked.

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2 Responses to Homosexual Admits He Barricaded Door of Orlando NightClub Trapping Other Victims Inside

  1. notChristian says:

    Pastor Steven L. Anderson (Tempe Arizona) and Pastor Roger O. Jimenez (Sacramento) are both members of the Verity Baptist Church which follow King James version of Bible. Pastor D. Romero has also called the Orlando victims pedophiles, http://www.fox4news.com/news/fort-worth-pastor-praises-orlando-nightclub

    Here, Pastor Steven L. Anderson calls the Orlando victims pedophiles http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/06/12/christian-pastor

    To see Pastor Roger O. Jimenez video where he calls the Orlando victims pedophiles watch https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2016/06/14/pastor-r… & http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/baptist-preacher-praises-orlando-sho

    What the videos show is that Pastor D. Romero, Pastor Steven L. Anderson and Pastor Roger O. Jimenez are honest. With the last video, Huffington Post should not act surprised, because it is not shocking that Pastor Roger O. Jimenez thinks that way. There are other Christians and non-Christians who share the same views that Pastor D. Romero, Pastor Steven L. Anderson and Pastor Roger O. Jimenez have, only that most people are too shy to admit that.

    Incidentally, there are many topics which Pastor Steven L. Anderson and I would differ on. Such as I support In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy for women (especially those over 40) who have problems with fertility and or are handicapped, while Pastor Steven L. Anderson is against IVF. I am neutral on the abortion topic-(actually I support abortion if unborn baby will be deformed etc.)which Pastor Steven L. Anderson and Pastor Roger O. Jimenez are pro-life. But there are topics which I can agree with Pastor Steven L. Anderson on.

    With Orlando, while Pastor Steven L. Anderson and Pastor Roger O. Jimenez has called all the Orlando victims pedophiles, while I have said it’s Possible 1 or more of the Orlando victims were pedophiles & or drug dealers. What I have said is milder than what the 3 pastors said and I got critiqued.


    • notChristian says:

      Yes, Omar S. Mateen did what he did in Islam’s name (as he is Muslim) he wanted to kill people and he would have likely done his deed regardless. I guess you know and read (Gay bullying posted their articles on this website) that Christians such as Michael L. Brown and radio talk show hostesses Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey got angry (especially Linda P. Harvey) when people were implying that Christians were to blame for what Omar S. Mateen did and Linda P. Harvey reacted with surprise, but it is unsurprising when you think more of this and here is why.

      You possibly have heard that the ‘Devil goes to Church.’ With Internet, many people who listen to Christian broadcasts are those who are not Christian, such as me. There are atheists, homosexuals and people of other faiths such as Muslims who read and listen to Christian broadcasts on Internet.

      People hostile to Christian faith such as homosexual activists and Muslim jihadists listen to Christian broadcasting, because what they want to change the religious doctrine of the Christian faith with Churchianity not Christianity. How it works is in the first example, a homosexual activist (esp. a homosexual Christian) will go to church,listen to Christian broadcasting and then what they will do is try to change the church doctrine, such as say things such as how Christianity does not condemn homosexuality, etc.

      Many to most churches have become pro-homosexual because homosexual activists have changed the church doctrine. What homosexual activists are left to do is go after churches which are still hostile to them, such as listen to their broadcasts on Internet, go to their websites and then post pro-gay comments to get their point across, hoping that people change eventually. I have seen homosexuals post on Christian websites including on WND after Linda P. Harvey posts an article on homosexuality.

      Well Muslims do the same thing, including jihadists, though with less success than the homosexuals, since churches often won’t allow non-Christians inside to listen to their worship. So what the jihadists will instead do is listen to Christian broadcasting on Internet, read WND and then what they will try to do is get people to convert to Islam, trying to explain why Islam is better than Christianity. Linda P. Harvey has complained about Chrislam where Christian churches have allowed Islam to be studied.

      1 eg. of how Muslims try to get Christians to convert to Islam is when Muslims say that because Muslims also believe in Jesus Christ (Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet but not God’s son) that Muslims are Christians and then try to get the Christians to convert to Islam. They’ll imply things such as all Muslims are Christians but Christians are not Muslims with the hope that Christians will convert. But here’s the relation between this and Orlando.

      With Orlando shooting, it would not be surprising if it’s true that the Muslim Omar S. Mateen watched and listened to Christian broadcasting though he’s against Christians, to evaluate-on what topics do Muslims and Christians share the same views? When Christian radio hostess Linda P. Harvey calls homosexuals pedophiles, when Michael L. Brown compares homosexuality to incest, when Scott Douglas Lively calls homosexuals Nazis and Hitler and when Peter J. LaBarbera calls homosexuals Fascists, etc. these comments reinforce the thinking of those who are against homosexuals.

      If it’s true that the Muslim Omar S. Mateen heard Christians on Internet radio broadcasts and writings call homosexuals pedophiles, compare homosexuality to incest and if he heard Christians call homosexuals Nazis and Fascists, then that will reinforce Omar S. Mateen’s belief with this-even the Christians think homosexuals are child molesters, Nazis and Fascists.

      Anyhow, Omar S. Mateen would likely have done what he did regardless, but again, when people think of homosexuals as pedophiles, Nazis and Fascists and you hear others including Christians saying and implying this, then it’s easy for some1 like Omar S. Mateen to reinforce and justify his deeds. I hope you approve this post and if you have thoughts, then please comments.


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