Homosexual Admits He Barricaded Door of Orlando NightClub Trapping Other Victims Inside

The homosexuals have been waging a war on Christians for so long in America we can’t even remember how long it has been going on. Shame they are too stupid to realise that the more they weaken the Christian culture, the more they invite in the Muslims, who will just cut their throats.

The Orlando nightclub shootings are just what could have been predicted from President Obama’s encouragement of two completely un-Christian and anti-social belief systems, totally incompatible with each other. Whoosh!  The tinder has caught fire. 

But are you wondering how and why so many got killed? why didn’t they just escape when it started? Surely all of these clubs have an exit and an emergency exit in case of fire?

Here one guy who was at the club admits that he locked the door behind him as soon as he escaped, and barricaded all the other homosexuals INSIDE.

STUPID doesn’t even cover it. Imbecile, idiot, crass , braindead might be getting a bit closer. 

I hate to tell you people, but your claims to be a “gay community” are just fake. When it comes down to it, you are all selfish and each one just out for ME ME ME.

Several other wounded survivors confirm that the exit was blocked.

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