Dignity comes from God.

Listening in the Desert


Yesterday same-sex mirage became legal in America. The gay community are heralding it as a triumph for equal dignity.
Above is a pic of 3 dog-men at the gay pride march that took place in the UK today. As you can see they are celebrating ‘equal dignity’. ‘Dignity’ seems a funny word to use doesn’t it? Perhaps they have re-defined that too?

Hey ho, each to their own. I suppose equality is important – but only if you qualify for it…

Benjamin Butterworth (a gay man himself) writing in The Independent today, tells us that “The gay community is now as ignorant as the people it once opposed.”
He tells us that “the modern gay community – equal in law and thereabouts in culture – has turned in on itself. It brandishes the attitudes and outlooks that once-upon-a-time it would define itself against. Looking like an inward, aggressive group of…

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