Does ‘gay’-activist hate cause global Christian persecution?

Christian men are lined up on a beach in Libya and beheaded.

Are vocal anti-Christian activists – led by those who advocate homosexuality and gender confusion– at fault?

An ACLU staff attorney and others have blamed the Orlando massacre, committed by a man who shouted “Allahu Akbar,” on Christian conservatives.

Clearly, these folks do not think straight, so to speak.

Many mindless screamers of homosexual “rights” openly despise Christians and spread their venom throughout the Western blogosphere and media. One far-left faux faith group is even demanding that Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, be banned from ABC.

So, I pose the question: Is their hate producing the horrific genocide of Christian “infidels”? Maybe they are responsible for the rapes and torture of Iraqi and Syrian believers and the slaughter of their innocent children.

Perhaps backward Muslim countries that routinely jail converts to Christianity – like Sudan, Pakistan and Iran–are listening to far-left Western activists and deciding to target Christians. ISIS-leaning misfits prone to becoming radicalized may be sharpening their claws and their scimitars as they absorb the poison of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign and other dispensaries of anti-Christ propaganda.

“We’re the victims of Christians!” is the well-rehearsed homosexual battle cry.

Muslim extremists nod in agreement. No wonder “LGBT” aficionados thought they had a lot in common with Islamists – until Orlando.


Those with some sense of discernment may be thinking that the blame perhaps should go solely where it belongs: on the backs of Muslim jihadists.

You can blame Christians for the Orlando massacre only if you are deaf, dumb and irrational, because it is clearly the crime of one man, ISIS “soldier” Omar Mateen.

So why do these attacks keep happening? Oddly enough, it’s quite possibly something within Islamic ideology itself that prompts a murderous approach to “problem-solving.”

Complicating matters for the social liberals is speculation that Mateen had homosexual leanings. He clearly had no Christian ones.

Did Mateen attend pro-family conferences? No one reports having seen him at a Values Voters Summit. So the “influence” of evangelical conservatives looks like a figment of the ever-bigoted imaginations of the Western left, who parrot the drivel of the Southern Poverty Law Center with its phony “hate group” list of unhateful Christian and family organizations.

There’s no evidence Mateen listened to Christian talk radio, to those of us who for years have vocally opposed homosexual behavior without condemning people. We deliver the message of change and redemption through Jesus Christ.

But Mateen’s faith doesn’t preach redemption, even if he were a non-heterosexual. Islam condemns practicing homosexuals. This barbaric ideology does not promise change and forgiveness. The good news is that Islamic faith can also be left behind for one that actually offers eternal salvation.

Christianity does and always has, which is why Christian scapegoating is completely off base. Our opposition to pro-homosexual, pro-transgender public policy that de-stabilizes culture, endangers health and corrupts children makes total sense when you stop believing the nonsense that people are born this way.

There is no evidence any male is born to have anal sex with another male. Hello? What god would come up with such an unworkable design? Not our Almighty God. What evolutionary construct (if one really existed) would do so?

One Wisconsin Democrat said this:

“How many people have been driven to hate and act violently towards the LGBT community by ‘conservative Christian’ ideology?”

Well, clearly a man who yelled “Allahu Akbar!” and pledged loyalty to ISIS as he killed and wounded scores in the homosexual nightclub was not thinking about his love for Jesus Christ at the time. Quite the opposite.

Accuracy has never been the strong suit of the left.

A New York Times editorial also pointed fingers in the wrong direction:

“His bullets and the blood he left behind that early morning were a reminder that in many corners of the country, gay and transgender people are still regarded as sinners and second-class citizens who should be scorned. … Hate crimes don’t happen in a vacuum. They occur where bigotry is allowed to fester, where minorities are vilified and where people are scapegoated for political gain.”

Yes, my point exactly. When will leftists stop their irrational antagonism toward Christians and conservative views? This bigotry hurts people’s lives.

In this country, it has already cost jobs, businesses, graduate degrees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. One person – Kim Davis – was jailed for her opposition to same-sex “marriage.” And ominously, Americans are being systematically denied freedom of speech and faith.

When will jail become commonplace? When will bloodshed start?

Oh, but we forget – it’s already occurred. In 2012, a crazed homosexual activist, Floyd Corkins, motivated (according to the FBI) by reading the Southern Poverty Law Center’s inaccurate online “hate group” designation of Family Research Council, entered the Washington, D.C., offices of FRC with a 9mm SIG Sauer pistol, many rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

He planned to smear them in the faces of FRC staff before he killed them.

The Washington Post wrote that Corkins had a history of mental illness and that, “Corkins, who volunteered at a gay community center in the District, told investigators that he was angry with organizations he considered anti-gay, such as the Family Research Council and the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A. The head of the restaurant chain had spoken out at the time against same-sex marriage.”

But he was prevented from mass murder by the FRC security manager and the mercy of God. The guard was shot but recovered.

The media virtually ignored this chilling domestic terrorism committed by a homosexual activist against Christians.

Yes, the muscle and momentum right now seem to be behind the rainbow flags raised high in June “pride” parades.

But don’t be fooled.

God is still in charge, He is still not mocked, and He invented the rainbow.

Source: Does ‘gay’-activist hate cause global Christian persecution?

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