MercatorNet: Homosexuality, Marriage and Society

Andrew Mullins

Twenty years ago Australia had a Year of Tolerance, courtesy of a quasi-governmental educational body. Among the materials sent to schools were glossy leaflets promoting a homosexual lifestyle. As a principal at the time I returned them with a note explaining that the parents in my school would not accept promotion of homosexuality to their children and so I would not be using them.

Crime reporter Harry Potter heard of this and rang me: “The public have a right to know that this material is being peddled.” The next night Channel 10 news featured a young mum reporter covering the story of my rejection of the gay literature very sympathetically. There was overwhelmingly positive feedback to our school community’s stance.

Times have changed. The Victorian government has now mandated that every child in every government school in Victoria will be taught that homosexual behaviour is as normal as heterosexual behaviour. To state otherwise is to be branded as homophobic; the front page banner in theAustralian recently denounced an Islamic cleric as “anti-gay” for preaching that homosexual behaviour can spread AIDS. Agitation for same-sex marriage is fierce. […]


Source: MercatorNet: Homosexuality, Marriage and Society

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