CA bill would force Christian colleges to surrender opposition to LGBT agenda.

The latest national LGBT assault is to pass laws around the country to force conservative Christian colleges to surrender their opposition to homosexual and transgender behavior.

The first such bill, S1146, was recently introduced in the California Legislature. On June 26, it passed the California State Senate. It is now in the Assembly and is having a public hearing this Tuesday before the Judiciary Committee.MassResistance is mobilizing to help stop it.

Currently, Christian colleges can seek religious exemptions from federal mandates on “transgenderism” (and possibly also “sexual orientation”). But this bill would force colleges in the state to publicize their policies and practices that are supposedly “discriminatory.” It would encourage state and local lawsuits from students and employees, as well as other retribution directed at the colleges. It will very likely lead to curtailment of California state grants to needy students of those colleges.

The bill is clearly meant as a hammer against conservative Christian colleges that attempt to keep their moral values intact.  […]

Source: CA bill would force Christian colleges to surrender opposition to LGBT agenda.

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