UPDATE: Why Would @NicoleBonnet1 and @_Lazarus___ Be Threatening Me? : The Other McCain

After I described Thomas Mix’s Florida lawsuit against Jeanette Runyon, suddenly Mix’s Twitter account (@_Lazarus___) began chattering away with @NicoleBonnet1 in a manner that some people might interpret as threatening and conspiring to harm me. Anyone may search the Twitter archives to discover how closely allied these two characters are.

Please, read what I wrote about the case this morning, and see if you can find any legitimate cause for Nicole Bonnet to threaten me, except that I brought attention to Thomas Mix’s lawsuit. What this tells me is that Thomas Mix does not want anyone to pay attention to his lawsuit. Why?

Well, I wrote an email to Mr. Mix’s attorney:

Dear Mr. Rooney:
This morning, I reported on your client Thomas Mix’s lawsuit against Jeanette Runyon. To the best of my knowledge, the conflict between them dates to 2013, when Mr. Mix was advocating on behalf of Kaitlyn Hunt in a sexual abuse case that attracted nationwide media attention. I was among the handful of writers who followed the Hunt case to its final conclusion, and I also reported on the “Free Kate” movement, with which your client Mr. Mix was apparently aligned. While I had not previously noticed the legal proceedings between your client and Ms. Runyon (as the Hunt story was over and done with, as far as I was concerned), when it was brought to my attention, I wrote about this lawsuit in the belief that it was both newsworthy,per se, and relevant to other recent news involving claims of online “harassment.” This afternoon (Wednesday, July 6), I became aware that your client’s response to my notice of his lawsuit was to make comments on his Twitter account that could be construed as threats to harm me, threats in which he appeared to conspire with a person who goes by the name “Nicole Bonnet” on Twitter.
Although it has been my lifelong habit to avoid litigation, it strikes me that your client’s apparent threats against me could be cited as evidence that his actions against Ms. Runyon are intended to stifle First Amendment rights to free expression. Your client’s lawsuit is a matter of public record, and I am free to discuss the facts of the case and to share my opinion. Having spent more than 30 years in the journalism business, I am absolutely certain that nothing I have written could be considered libelous. The truth is always a sound defense against any such claim, and I have written nothing false about your client. If it is the intention of your client to pursue legal action against me, let him do so forthwith, for I am confident that truth and justice will always prevail over malicious lies.
While I am not a lawyer, and therefore cannot advise you of your duty as an attorney, it certainly seems to me that Mr. Mix’s recent behavior, evidently threatening me merely for taking notice of his lawsuit, might not be viewed favorably by the courts. Furthermore, as your client Mr. Mix apparently harbors some malicious intention of personal revenge against me, it would seem within your duty as an attorney to advise him not to engage in any action that might expose him to future legal jeopardy.
Please reply at your earliest convenience to acknowledge receipt of this message, for it is my sincere hope ever to remain
Your most humble and obedient servant,
Robert Stacy McCain

We shall see if Mr. Mix wishes to draw further attention to himself.

Source: UPDATE: Why Would @NicoleBonnet1 and @_Lazarus___ Be Threatening Me? : The Other McCain

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