Twitter silences Milo Yiannopoulos for surfing while conservative, lets liberal trolls harass conservative woman for three years ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

It’s been said that if it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have none at all.  That old saw seems to be appropriate in a story that exploded over the Internet after Twitter permanently suspended Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos after he wrote a post critical of “Ghostbusters” and one of its leading actresses, Leslie Jones.

After he wrote the piece, Jones cried to the site’s moderators, and they promptly banned him for good.

Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari noted:

In their email to Yiannopoulos, Twitter said he had been banned for “participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.” And it’s true that Twitter’s terms of servicedo include a specific ban on abuse and targeted harassment. The question is – did Milo really break the rule?

Keep in mind that Twitter did nothing when Jerome Hudson, a black reporter for Breitbart News, was repeatedly called “coon” by a prominent rapper on the platform.It has also let abusive and racist tweets from Leslie Jones, the Ghostbusters actress who reported Milo to Twitter, stand.

So, either Twitter has a very high bar for what constitutes “abuse and harassment,” or it is simply enforcing its terms of service unevenly, giving some users a pass despite flagrant and shocking rule-breaking.

And that’s not the only time Twitter has exercised a double standard.

This morning, I heard from Jeanette Tye Runyon, a reader of this site who tells me she’s been targeted by a gang of radical left-wing Twitter trolls for over three years.

Here’s just one of the tweets she forwarded to me:


Arrested for what, exactly?  Breathing while conservative?

Robert Stacy McCain, who, by the way, was also suspended for surfing while conservative, provides a bit of background:

Our frequent commenter Jeanette Runyon is being sued in a Florida court by a man who is claiming “harassment,” etc., over a flame war that broke out in 2013 about theKaitlyn Hunt case. Jeanette was one of a handful of people who followed the so-called “Free Kate” movement and exposed the extremism of those who made excuses for atattoo-covered dildo-wielding dopehead lesbian hoodlum’s sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl. The man who is suing Jeanette was one of the worst “Free Kate” fanatics who evidently believed either that (a) there should be no laws against statutory rape, or (b) it’s wrong to enforce the law against homosexual predators like Kate Hunt. Thomas Mix, the man who is suing Jeanette, called the parents of Kate Hunt’s 14-year-old victim “bigoted, disgusting people” who “used the laws to express their hatred and rage.”

McCain has considerably more on the subject, which is now a multi-part series.  And, there’s been an update here. If you want to see how left-wing Twitter trolls operate, this is a must-read.

The operative point here, however, is that Twitter has allowed this to go on for OVER. THREE.  LONG.  YEARS.

Let that sink in for just a minute.

Twitter, Runyon told me, is “all about HATING correctly, they don’t care about the hate they care about WHO you hate. Twitter gang harassment is fine with them so long as the target is Twitter-approved.”

Yiannopoulos, Bokhari wrote, “has been permanently banned for little more than criticism, mild insults, and mockery. Meanwhile, Jerome Hudson’s abuser, who repeatedly called the black reporter a “coon,” is still on the platform. So is Leslie Jones, who, according to Twitter searches, has repeatedly engaged in racist rhetoric herself — as well the plain old abuse of calling her critics ‘b*tches,’ ‘a**holes’ and a range of other expletives.”

Notice, however, that Twitter almost never deals with deranged leftists who issue calls to murder conservatives, advocate violence, celebrate cop-killings and terrorist attacks or harass pro-family conservatives.

Makes ya wonder…


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Source: Twitter silences Milo Yiannopoulos for surfing while conservative, lets liberal trolls harass conservative woman for three years ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

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1 Response to Twitter silences Milo Yiannopoulos for surfing while conservative, lets liberal trolls harass conservative woman for three years ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

  1. notChristian says:

    Milo H. Yiannopolous who this article mentions is an apologist for homosexual pedophiles see this video (warning the language is graphic and gross)

    Milo H. Yiannopolous is a homosexual and he thinks it’s OK for homosexuals to molest children. Milo Yiannapolous implied that he is OK with adults having sex with teenage boys because as Milo was sexually abused by a priest and this damaged his thinking, he calls it his first sexual encounter to justify in his mind that it’s consent and not sex abuse. This is unsurprising and Milo can’t be trusted.

    You can be sure that Milo does not think that Harvey B. Milk should have been punished for committing homosexual statutory rape on a 16 year old boy in 1964. You can also be sure that Milo Yiannopolous would be against prosecuting Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt- 2013 Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt case in Florida, where a lesbian committed sex abuse on a teenage girl in a public bathroom and homosexual groups were against her being prosecuted for lesbian statutory rape-they even exploited children to rally for her carrying ‘stop the hate’ signs to protest prosecutor.

    If Milo Yiannopolous had not been sexually abused by a priest when he was 13, would he have turned out straight instead of gay? Possible he would have turned out straight but though won’t say definite. It’s not controversial to talk of nightmares, suicides, bed wetting often a result of sex abuse in youth. Yet when 1 talks gay/lesbian behaviors in adulthood because they learned this sexual behavior by being repeatedly molested, then gay groups with politically safe psychologists complain. The politically correct psychologists who deny this know it’s possible for a boy to turn out gay as a result of childhood sex abuse, yet deny what they know is true. Of course, not all who are sexually abused in youth become gay in adulthood-but the risk is higher.

    While most gays and lesbians do not commit pedophilia, I have found that homosexual groups are more likely to tolerate pedophilia when it’s homosexual/lesbian. The fact that Milo would make jokes about his sex abuse by the gay priest makes me think that and his comments do not shock me because have heard this so many times before. Earlier in the post, I mentioned the 2013 Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt case and homosexual icon Harvey Bernard Milk (1930-1978). It’s homosexual groups who often push for lowering consent age laws-many places have lowered consent age laws to 16 and some have even lowered this to 13.

    I have found that homosexual and lesbian groups will often say that they are against pedophilia, but then they make excuses for Harvey B. Milk committing homosexual statutory rape on a 16 year old boy in 1964 and push for trying to lower consent age laws.


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