MercatorNet: Distinguishing differences in the notion of ‘transgenderism’

John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and the current Chair of the Royal Institute of Philosophy in London, was a participant in a public debate recently held in Sydney on the question of whether “society must recognize transgender people’s identities”.

As the topic has particular significance for healthcare practitioners, in particular psychologists, psychiatrists and others working in youth mental health services, we invited Professor Haldane to address a seminar hosted by the Plunkett Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital on the implications of this discussion for the medical profession.


At the outset Professor Haldane pointed out that the current debate about “transgenderism” is not about how a decent society should respond to those rare individuals with “intersex” biology. The question of what is appropriate treatment and care for people with this condition is certainly an important one for the medical profession. […]

Source: MercatorNet: Distinguishing differences in the notion of ‘transgenderism’


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