Survey Showing Young “Overwhelmingly Support LGBT Rights” is Overwhelmingly Bogus | The Stream

I just love it when libturds/progressives are exposed for what they really are: LOSERS!!! <ADMIN>

AP is reporting young Americans “overwhelmingly support LGBT rights,” a proposition deduced from a GenForward survey “of Americans ages 18-30.” The results?

According to the findings, 92 per cent of young adults support HIV and AIDs prevention, 90 per cent support equal employment, and 80 per cent support LGBT adoption. Across racial and ethnic groups, broad majorities support training police on transgender issues, government support for organizations for LGBT youth and insurance coverage for transgender health issues.

GenForward is part of the Black Youth Project, a typical lockstep progressive group. Among other things, they advocate for “reparations” for those who are not now and never were slaves. They give support to the Green Party over Democrats, arguing Hillary is not progressive enough.

The survey reported by the AP is actually comprised of two surveys, about half the data coming from the Black Youth Project and half from the Associated Press’s own NORC Center for Public Affairs Research which is “supported by its client organizations.”

Just under 2,000 folks who signed on to be panel members for the combined project were asked a suite of questions about current political and social events.

Everybody knows that question wording affects the outcome of surveys. In politics, adjusting phrasing to solicit a desired answer is called push-polling. Push-polls make use of ancient prosecutorial trick questions, such as “Have you stopped beating your wife?” For example, asked of the same people, “Are you in favor of killing, chopping up, and selling for parts unwanted people?” will give vastly different results than “Are you in favor of a woman’s right to choose?”, even though both questions are about the same thing, abortion. […]

Source: Survey Showing Young “Overwhelmingly Support LGBT Rights” is Overwhelmingly Bogus | The Stream

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