The Barrymore-Lubbock Scandal: Queers Are Getting Away With Murder


The three Ds – drugs, deviancy and death – go together in the homosexual lifestyle. When others are drawn into the picture the outcome can be disastrous.

The case of Stuart Lubbock has strong similarities to the cases of Robert Wone and Robert Fleeting.

Stuart was an unknown 31-year-old factory supervisor in Essex, England. In March 2001 his dead body was found floating in the swimming-pool at the house of Michael Barrymore, a famous TV presenter, and homosexual.


Barrymore, rich, famous and successful, liked to give wild parties with drink, drugs and “kinky” sex. He picked up a number of young men in a nightclub in Harlow on the night of March 30th 2001 and took them back to his plushy celeb house for one of these binges.

Lubbock was not a homosexual. He was a divorcee with two children, and until invited to Barrymore’s house had never mixed in queer circles. He was, as photographs show, very good-looking.

Stuart Lubbock

Next morning Lubbock was found there dead and at first everyone suspected he had drowned. High levels of alcohol and drugs were in his bloodstream. Both Ecstasy and cocaine were found. But then doctors found a range of nasty injuries on his body, including extensive anal injuries. They concluded that he had been the victim of a severe homosexual assault, of a horrifying kind. Either he had been fleeing from this assault when he fell into the pool, or somebody had thrown his body into the pool to make it look as if he died by drowning.

“A pathologist suggested Mr Lubbock – who was three times over the legal drink-drive limit and had taken drugs including Ecstasy and cocaine – may have been forcibly held down while the alleged assault took place.

Professor Jack Crane claimed that the shock could have caused him to suffer heart failure and die. Until now it had been widely believed Mr Lubbock, a factory supervisor, had drowned.

Prof Crane said: ‘We have the death of a young man which, in my view, is not clear-cut. ‘The injuries this young man suffered were very severe and I do not believe they were the result of a consensual sexual act – that is why, in my report, I have said they were the result of a serious sexual assault.”

Lubbock would have been in ‘excruciating pain’ after the assault.

Barrymore never faced charges personally. His partner, the drag queen Jonathan Kenney, and another guest, Justin Merritt, were arrested on suspicion of Mr Lubbock’s murder… but later released without charge. Why?

Subsequently, Stuart’s father, Terry Lubbock, lodged thirty-six complaints against Essex police, for carelessness or poor investigation.

TWO crucial items which could have caused the death of Stuart Lubbock in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool went missing after he died, a shock report revealed today.

A pool thermometer, which appeared in police photographs of the scene, and a detached door handle were never seized by police or forensically tested, said the inquiry report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.” This meant police were unable to establish whether they had been used to cause horrific internal injuries sustained by 31-year-old Stuart during a late night party at Barrymore’s £2million home in 2001.

Barrymore’s personal assistant, Michael Browne, was allowed to roam around the house and pool even after the police arrived, tidying everything up. He could have hidden, removed or destroyed crucial pieces of evidence. He used the thermometer to take the temperature of the water, thus washing off any DNA it might have carried. It then disappeared.

There must always be some suspicion that the police were bribed by the very wealthy Barrymore, whose home was valued at £2 million.



Death of Stuart Lubbock

Following a party in the early hours of 31 March 2001, a 31-year-old man, Stuart Lubbock, died after three witnesses – including Barrymore himself – claimed to have found him motionless in Barrymore’s swimming pool. Barrymore didn’t appear again on television until the following February when he returned with a new series of six episodes of My Kind of Music. All charges were eventually dropped when it later came to court, though witnesses could not agree on whether he was found floating on top of the pool or at the bottom of it, Barrymore had said he was top of the pool.[36] The cause of death was found to be drowning. Lubbock, described as a “bubbly partygoer”, had traces of drugs and alcohol in his system. Pathologists discovered severe anal injuries, although not until the post mortem had taken place; which the media said were consistent with a sexual assault.[37]

Many tabloid newspapers accused Barrymore of holding drug-fuelled gay orgies in his home and asserted that he must have had some responsibility for the death. It was claimed that Barrymore had been seen at the party forcing cocaine onto Lubbock’s gums,[38]

Barrymore subsequently received a police caution for possession and use of cannabis, but no other charges were laid against him or anyone else in connection with the death, although two other party-goers, unemployed Justin Merritt and drag queen Jonathan Kenney were arrested on suspicion of murder on 6 June 2001. The inquest that took place in September 2002 reached an open verdict.[39]

In light of the verdict, and the fact that she was approached by a friend of the Lubbock family, Cheryl provided the Lubbock family solicitor with both a sworn affidavit and subsequent court testimony that her ex-husband had lied under oath, and could in fact swim, this later proved to be not true. She also alleged the entertainer had rubbed cocaine on to the gums of other people as well as himself.[40]

His personal publicity, particularly in the tabloid press, continues to be negative. In December 2011, he was convicted of cocaine possession and fined £780.[22]



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