The New Normal – It’s not Normal and It’s not Nice


They say the Chinese can copy anything that the Western world does. Clothes, cameras, computers, and lousy perverted sexual behaviour. All can be imitated so you’d never know it wasn’t made over here…

A man in Fuzhou, south-east China, went to his local hospital complaining about pain in his abdomen. X-rays revealed that he had got a glass bottle shoved so far up his rectum that it was impossible to retrieve. He had then used a wire coat hanger to try to pull it out, and this had pierced his bowel in several places. He told the doctors that he had “no idea” how the bottle had got there. Oh yeah?

An X-ray taken at a hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, showing the bottle and piece of wire in the man's abdomen

Well, we have. China’s one-child policy and mass abortion programme has resulted in a population where young men outnumber women by four to one. If people can only have one child, the vast majority of them will choose a boy. The girls were aborted or abandoned to die at birth. Now homosexuality, once a crime in China, is on the rise, and with it goes the whole spectrum of deviant, self-harming behaviour. In big cities like Fuzhou there is now a growing queer culture, fed by internet pornography, and they are copying all the twisted ideas they get from Western LGBTs.

A few years ago, a vicar in the North of England went to a hospital asking them to remove a large POTATO that had mysteriously got stuck up his anus. Yes, a POTATO. It was as big as a man’s fist. He claimed that it had got there by ACCIDENT. Uh-huh? How exactly could that happen by accident? He explained that he had fallen onto the kitchen table while up a ladder hanging curtains…in the nude. The potato just happened to be on the table in the exact spot where his bum hit.

When you’ve stopped laughing, reflect on how much harm deviancy is doing to people’s anatomy. Normal, heterosexual men do not put things up their bottoms. This is not “having sex” it’s pursuing a harmful, unnatural fetish.

VGB says:- Healthy sex and perversion are two totally different things.

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Posted on January 15, 2014 by clairethinker


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