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It’s always pretty clear who the real bullies are. They don’t want the truth about their chosen perversion told to others. They know they can change but want to believe the “born this way” mantra instead. They say Christians are hateful and bigoted. Really? So now the truth is hateful and bigoted. Yep, spoken like a true libturd. <ADMIN>

Dear Friends, I have been hit with a $104 million dollar lawsuit seeking to destroy, intimidate, and silence me, my wife, and any friend who helped me with my subversive, charitable, health and truth promoting Gospel ministry to the Toronto Homosexual (unGodly) Pride Parade. Rather than give too much of my own commentary I will let you the audience look at the lawsuit (Statement of Claim), my own account of my charitable and truthful activism. You can look at the photos of my “Crack Christian Top Secret Commandos” disguised as “gay” zombies. You can listen to the homosexual activists and their lawyer accuse me of lying and talk about my alleged malice and all the harm I allegedly caused them. You can see our literature and photos of the “gay” pride participants who Were allegedly victimized by us and you can see the media coverage and decide for yourself if this lawsuit is anything close to just, meritorious, or proportional to any alleged offense that we committed. If you agree with me this lawsuit is unjust and if you would like to help please do so. We seriously need a lawyer to help defend ourselves against these well funded and tyrannical homosexual activists and their army of lawyers…… 1.Top secret Christian commandos disguised as gay zombies subversively delivering Gospel literature to the homosexual pride parade. On this link you can read Bill Whatcott’s entire account of his and his zombies’ participation in the parade and at the bottom you can read the flyers that we delivered disguised as “zombie safe sex” packages:… 2. Here are the homosexual activists and their lawyers at a press conference announcing their lawsuit against me and my supporters in their own words: 3. Here are some media articles regarding the $104 million lawsuit against me, my wife and my friends.… 4. The Statement of Claim against Bill Whatcott, his wife and any friend who helped him:… Proceeds to go to a lawyer willing to defend us against this “gay” activist sledgehammer….. In Christ’s Service Bill Whatcott “If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14:8

Source: Help Christian Activist fight $104 million lawsuit – GoGetFunding | GoGetFunding

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Making sure people know who the real bullies are.
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