Trudeau plans will allow anal sex ‘anytime, any place, with anyone’: critic | News | LifeSite

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING surprises me about the looney toon left anymore. <ADMIN>

Justin Trudeau is preparing to adopt all of the ‘reforms’ demanded earlier this year by gay activist group Egale, reports say.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to implement most, if not all, recommendations contained in the homosexual-rights activist group Egale’s June 2016 The Just Society Report, the Globe’s John Ibbitson reported last week.

That means Trudeau will apologize, likely in September, to those homosexual Canadians jailed, fired or otherwise penalized in the decades before 1969, Ibbitson wrote.

That was the year Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberals passed an omnibus bill legalizing abortion, and decriminalizing buggery between two consenting adults aged 21 and over, or between a husband and wife. That age of consent for buggery was lowered to 18 in 1987.

But more to the point, the Liberals are expected to implement Egale’s proposals, wrote Ibbitson, describing these as “a broad range of reforms that will collectively represent one of the greatest advances for sexual minorities in Canada’s history.” […]

Source: Trudeau plans will allow anal sex ‘anytime, any place, with anyone’: critic | News | LifeSite

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