UK Homo-Fascists Use Threats and Censorship to Silence Opposition


In the UK, the government has forced through the disgraceful same-sex marriage bill against all correct democratic procedures. The changes to marriage were not mentioned on any party election manifesto so the electorate never got a chance to debate them or be listened to. Moreover, only a few days before the last election, the present Prime minister, David Cameron, publicly PROMISED that he would not change the institution of marriage.

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Poster lorry passes Downing St.

He has lied and cheated the public. He has completely betrayed democracy. And to make matters worse, homo-fascist bullies have been using Nazi tactics to silence any protest or dissent. They have resorted to VIOLENCE, BULLYING and THREAT.  MPs such as David Burrowes who opposed the bill got bombarded with hate-mail and death-threats. He was shocked and said he had never encountered such Mafia tactics in the whole of his political career.

David Burrowes

The campaign team planned to display ‘Sophie’ posters on billboards across London ahead of the third reading of the same-sex marriage Bill in the House of Lords on 8th July. The purpose of the poster was to draw urgent attention to the issue of children: at the heart of marriage for most people. Yet the rights of children have been entirely ignored in the gay marriage debate.

The marriage defence campaign tried first to book space with two of the major billboard companies, Clear Channel UK (here) and Primesight (here). They both examined the artwork and declined, saying it was “due to the content” which was “too contentious”.

This was ludicrous. Of course the topic was contentious – that was just why we wanted to exercise our right as citizens to influence the discussion!

So we asked the official Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), which offers ‘authoritative advice’ on the UK’s advertising rules (here). In the light of their guidance we amended the statement along the bottom of the poster from ‘FACT:’ to ‘Evidence shows…’ and set about finding a new billboard company. A colleague in Scotland had used AdTRAILERS mobile billboards in the past so on Sunday 7th July, the day before the third reading, the Sophie poster was driven around Westminster and central London on one of their trucks. Response was both positive and very negative, and in Trafalgar Square some hostile gay marriage supporters shouted obscenities and ripped part of the poster from one side of the truck.

Worse was to come. Early the following morning as the day of the Lord’s debate dawned, AdTRAILERS telephoned the campaign managers. Their staff member was apologetic but said they were cancelling the contract. Why? Because they had received “horrific” and “frightening” threats to the driver, the staff and the company, and for their own safety’s sake they could not allow the truck to go out again. “I have known nothing like it in ten years – it’s violent stuff,” said the shocked representative.

The campaign subsequently received an email from the company cancelling the contract because of “threats” and “offensive complaints” and offering a refund. GMNT asked them to report the intimidation to the police and supply the relevant crime numbers, but they declined. Fear of reprisals – to persons and business – by the “gay” marriage supporters paralysed the company who simply wished the matter would go away.

Thus the pro-marriage poster campaign was derailed after just one day, silenced by homo-extremist bullies.

No doubt her antagonists crowed about their ‘victory’. But more thoughtful observers may pause to reflect on the implications for our society. The silencing of legitimate public debate through violent threats and fear are the hallmarks of autocracies and tyrannies.

VGB says this is homo-fascism in action. Homo-fascists are bullies and the legislation passed under such a climate of fear is not legal or democratic.

Last year the homo-extremists paid for huge bus-poster campaigns that hectored and harassed people to accept homosexuality as normal. These posters were displayed in twenty cities all over the UK for months. Even though a court has subsequently declared these posters to be illegal, no penalty has been imposed on the organisation (Stonewall) that ran them, and it still enjoys tax-free charitable status.

If you live in the UK, write to your MP and protest about this injustice. If you are a UK citizen living elsewhere, write to your MEP or to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, and protest that democracy has been trampled.

July saw the launch of a mobile billboard campaign that drew attention to the apparent lack of concern for children in the same-sex marriage debate.

Figure Image
Poster lorry passes Downing St.

The billboard was to be driven around central London for two days, highlighting research which shows that, compared with all other domestic arrangements, including those of gay couples, children flourish best when raised by their married birth parents. The evidence can be found on the website

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