Victims of Gay Hallowe’en Blundering


It’s Hallowe’en!  Anyone fancy a wild night out? Have real fun, like for a start putting your head in a noose of rope and pretending you’re going to be hanged, right  …  sounds like a real treat, doesn’t it? Why not get all your friends to take your photograph in that hilarious pose?

Believe it or not, this is gays’ idea of “fun”. At a jolly Hallowe’en party at the Pink Punters club in Milton Keynes, England, last Friday night a 25-year-old man nearly hanged himself fatally and had to be taken to hospital suffering from asphyxiation and shock.

The owner of the club, Frank MacMahon, said that the noose stunt was very popular with his clientele and “We’ve never had any problems with it before.”

The clubber was taken to hospital and treated on the NHS, which is paid for by the British tax-payer.  So once again, the majority has to pick up the tab for the activities of this “normal” minority.  It’s not enough that each HIV patient costs the National Health Service on average £330,000. Gays have to go out of their way to cause more harm and trouble for society.

YGB says : Statistics show that homosexuals have far higher than average rates of mutual violence, suicide and self-harm.



Posted on October 30, 2012 by clairethinker Edit

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