Victory for Father Greg Schaffer

Father Greg Schaffer, the Roman Catholic chaplain at America’s George Washington University, who was bullied by aggressive homosexuals, has successfully defended himself and avoided being sacked. Hooray!

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As we reported in an earlier post, Fr Schaffer was targetted by militant extremist homosexuals Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen. These two students are members of Allied in Pride, a nasty intolerant homo-extremist organization. They started a petition to get Fr Greg kicked out just because he is opposed to same-sex marriage. They filed a formal complaint to the university authorities demanding that funding to the Newman Center Catholic chaplaincy be withdrawn.

But now after hundreds of people petitioned in favour of Father Greg and sent messages of support, the University has not upheld the complaint. Father Greg’s job is safe. This proves that we do not have to give in to the shrill demands of LGBT weirdos trying to impose their tyranny on the whole of society.

If civilized people stand firm and stand together against the homo-fanatics WE CAN WIN.

The university of Colorado is now considering passing a statute banning all forms of discrimination against a person’s political or moral beliefs. This would be a breakthrough because it could be used to defend conservatives against arrogant queer dictatorship. We hope it gets passed in every university   – and in every country!

Posted on June 23, 2013 

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