CDC Pronounces Teen Homosexuality Jeopardizes Health

We’ve been trying to tell these little idiots that their chosen perversion is dangerous to their health. Do/did they listen? Nope! Too much fun trying to shut down anyone that disagrees with them. <ADMIN>

Homosexuality is harmful to children and other living things.

A new federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey provides the jaw-dropping evidence. But the left is busy blaming conservatives and everything but the obvious.

Why are young bodies built for heterosexuality engaging in the sexual equivalent of anorexia, defying anatomy and a positive, healthy future?

Here’s an analogy. In a family with suspected child abuse, what should be done?

Friends, neighbors, teachers might see the sad outcomes in the lives of this family’s children who skip school, act depressed, exhibit aggression toward peers, and start self-destructive behaviors like eating disorders, cutting, or substance abuse.

What if the abusive parents were never investigated, but instead, other possible explanations were accepted by authorities? Mean classmates, poor nutrition, or maybe…Republicans?

The most extensive report to date revealing the daily activities of homosexually-identified teens, ridiculously called “sexual minorities” by the Centers for Disease Control, is exactly this frustrating and heartbreaking. These adolescents no more qualify as “minorities” than kids who eat junk food.

Just review in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey the long list of harmful, high-risk behaviors of teens who checked a box marked “gay,” “lesbian” or “bisexual” on this extensive survey, and then ask yourself, why isn’t the obvious problem ever named? […]

Source: CDC Pronounces Teen Homosexuality Jeopardizes Health

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