Pride and Praise for Christian Colleges That Resist LGBT Tyranny


“Shame list?” We think the shame belongs to the LGBTs, with their unsavoury, insanitary lifestyle. We think it’s presumptuous and ridiculous for them to try to decide who deserves shame. We regard it as an accolade to these colleges that they have not capitulated to the LGBT ideology and bullying. We think that more students will be attracted to go there!

Christian colleges were recently given the label of “absolute worst” for LGBT students due to, among other things, requesting a religious exemption to the Obama administration’s current interpretation of Title IX regulations.

Campus Pride’s “shame list” has 102 Christian colleges and universities at the time of this publication.

There is not a lesser “worst” category. Rather, all colleges that fail Campus Pride’s standards are labeled “absolute worst.”

Shane Windmeyer, spokesperson for Campus Pride, told The Christian Post via email that for a college to get on the “shame list” and specifically the “absolute worst” category an institution must have “received and/or applied for a Title IX exemption to discriminate against LGBTQ youth” and/or “demonstrated past history and track record of anti-LGBTQ actions, programs and practices.”

“The listing will be updated annually. This is the first-time Campus Pride has released a listing of the worst anti-LGBTQ campuses across the country. New campuses may appear in future and campuses may be removed in future as well,” added Windmeyer. […]

Source: LGBT ‘Shame List’ of Christian Colleges Includes Azusa Pacific, Biola, Liberty, Wheaton


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