Homosexuals Bully British Taxpayer into Funding Yet More Drugs for Them (while cutting all other services)

Selfish homosexuals in UK have sued the government to fund free PrEP drugs so they won’t have to wear a condom. 

Sadly, they know these drugs are dangerous, but now they push these things as if they would really do some good. <ADMIN>

The High Court of the United Kingdom recently that the National Health Service in England can fund a drug that can reduce the chance of people catching HIV whilst engaging in high-risk sexual activities. [i.e. sodomy]

NHS England had previously argued that local municipal councils should provide PrEP (“pre-exposure prophylaxis”) as “health prevention” is their responsibility.

But Mr Justice Green said that NHS England had “erred” and that both it and the local authorities were able to fund the drugs. Summing up, he said: […]

Source: MercatorNet: PrEP: a flawed prevention strategy for HIV/AIDS

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