How Scott Lively was Bullied by Queers for Trying to Help Suffering Children Alert


You may not know that the federal SMUG v Lively “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit against me for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda is actually the 5th attempt by the “gays” to take me down through litigation. I’ve posted a summary of the first four lawsuits

Following is an excerpt from that post, and you will see the similarity in it to the Toddler story above:

“…The final lawsuits [third and fourth] resulted from the same incident, and were eventually consolidated into a single suit, but the fact that they were filed separately is important to the story.

One day at my OCA office I was visited by an elderly woman who was desperate for help for her daughter. The daughter was in a legal dispute with her husband over the custody of their three young children and the court had awarded custody to him. Unfortunately for the children, their father was a homosexual, now living with his boyfriend, and both of them reputedly had full-blown AIDS. The father’s condition was apparently so advanced that his driver’s license had been taken from him because he was having brain seizures (that did not stop him from driving the children around in his car).

The mom was a perfectly capable parent and there was no reason, other than political correctness, for the children to be taken from her.

The grandmother had come to me in the hopes that OCA could bring some public attention to this case and perhaps force a reversal of the court’s decision. We agreed, then held a press conference on the steps of the courthouse and passed out a flyer stating the facts of the case.

It wasn’t long before we were hit with two new lawsuits, one each from the father and the boyfriend. Each suit sought five million dollars in damages for invasion of privacy. To cause us greater expense (we surmised) the suits were filed in separate counties. This was a serious problem because OCA was by this time struggling financially, in large part due to the legal costs from the previous lawsuits.

For the first time we faced “legitimate” legal exposure. The flyer we passed out at the press conference might possibly (I now know) have been ruled an invasion of privacy. The “gays” had more to use against us than just the hope of political bias on the part of judge and jury. In fact, our political enemies apparently felt that case was so strong against us that they helped the plaintiffs to retain one of the top attorneys in the state, a former state appeals court judge. It looked like our goose was cooked.

Lawsuits take a very long time to run their course, and the anxiety that inevitably occurs increases as a trial nears. I had now lived under a cloud of legal uncertainty almost constantly for three or four years, but the emotional stress had grown much worse as the months wore on in this suit. Then, just a few weeks before trial, I had a visit from the husband of the woman who had solicited our help, the childrens‘ grandfather. He had an amazing story to tell.

It seems that early in the case the father and the boyfriend had broken up. (Allegedly, a physical altercation between the two of them had resulted in the hospitalization of the father.) When the father got out of the hospital, he brought a new boyfriend into the house, along with a young woman with a toddler, who was to serve as a nanny for the four children now living in the household.

One day, a neighbor spied the toddler running out of the side door of the house. He was covered with bruises. It seems that the child had refused to eat, and as punishment the men had put him in the basement and taken turns going down to beat him. The neighbor called the police and the men were arrested and charged with torture of the toddler.

Obviously, Children’s Protective Services is called in on a matter like this to remove the children. Acting quickly, the mom had hired an attorney and gotten back temporary custody of her kids. However, Oregon being the “gay”-influenced state that it is, Children’s Protective Services had apparently promised the father that custody would be returned to him. The District Attorney’s office had apparently also cut a deal with all three adults that they would get probation and no jail time.

I am reporting all of this second-hand, of course, as it was recounted to me by the grandfather, who was in the courtroom for the trials of the three adults. By God’s providence, the “gays’” strategy unraveled. For some reason the three defendants were separated in the process of sentencing. The new boyfriend and the young woman went first and received their “slap on the hand.” However, the father appeared later, and for some reason was assigned a different judge. This judge, after reviewing the file, including the photos of the little toddler, looked up at the district attorney and said “You’ve got a lot of nerve bringing this plea bargain into my courtroom.” He then turned to the father and said “You’re going to jail.”

Portland at this time had a major problem with overcrowding at the jails, and so the father was sent home with instructions to report to jail at a future date.

That night, the father and the new boyfriend committed double suicide.

We showed up at court on the day of our trial, and had a settlement conference in the hallway with the original boyfriend who filed one of the two invasion of privacy lawsuits against us. As soon as he learned that we knew what had happened, he decided to drop the case. As I pointed out to him, no jury in the world convict us for invading the privacy of this “family.” If we had succeeded in the original goal for which we had held the press conference, these children would not have suffered such terrible trauma.

In the end, the mom won permanent custody of her children, and there were no further repercussions to the incident. For the sake of the children OCA agreed not to publicize the circumstances I’ve described here, though such publication would surely have helped to rehabilitate our reputations.”

Perhaps if I had not intervened, this story might have ended as tragically as the other (about the 4-year old boy being murdered by a trannie in New York. See


Dr. Scott Lively

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