Trannie Babysitter Murders 4-year-old Boy in New York

How many times do we have to say it – homosexuality IS a disturbed mental condition and the transgender delusion is the craziest of all. Queers are violent and dangerous. Trannies are the most violent and dangerous of the lot and statistics prove it.

This latest tragedy brings more evidence for that fact and the harm that is being done by pretending these people are “normal”.

YGB says : Never let queers have care of children!

Four-year-old tortured and starved to death by transgender babysitter in New York

  • Kryzie King, 29, has been jailed for between 22 years and life for the torture and murder of Myls Dobson, 4,
  • Myls’ grandmother, Faye Dobson suffered a severe dizzy spell in court and had to be rushed from the courthouse on an ambulance gurney
  • Boy’s mother Ashlee Dobson rocked back and forth, clutching her son’s Paddington Bear doll to her chest, as she heard about his torture
  • Okee Wade left his son, Myls, in King’s care in December 2013
  • Wade was later jailed for fraud and did not return to his son 
  • During time he was away, King beat, burned and starved Myls for weeks
  • Boy died on January 7, 2014 but King did not call 911 until 24 hours later

Kryzie King, 29, was told HE will spend at least 22 years behind bars after previously pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of Myls Dobson at Manhattan Supreme Court. And for God’s sake don’t put him in jail with women!!!

The boy’s mother Ashlee Dobson rocked gently in court, clutching her son’s Paddington Bear toy wrapped in Myls’ clothes to her chest, as the family heard how King had tortured Myls for 29 days – tying and gagging him, then burning, beating and starving the young child until he died on January 8, 2014. 

Faye Dobson, the grandmother of the four-year-old child brutally murdered by his transgender babysitter, was rushed from court on an ambulance gurney as his killer was sentenced to life in jail

Myls was tied up, gagged, burnt, beaten and starved until the young child eventually died on January 8, 2014

‘I can hear his voice saying, ‘I love you, Mommy.’I can also hear him saying, ‘Don’t cry, Mommy, I’m fine,’ Dobson said in a statement after sentencing ended

‘This pain is like no pain anyone should have to suffer. We love you Myls and we look forward to seeing you again … we rejoice knowing we will,’ the mother’s statement said.

Myls’ maternal grandmother, Faye Dobson, described her grandson as a kind boy who would wish everyone to ‘have a great day’ on the subway as well as a budding musician. 

After hearing how her grandson had been tortured and starved to death, Faye suffered a severe dizzy spell and had to be rushed from the courthouse on an ambulance gurney.

Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg said previously that Myls’ father Okee Wade left his son with King at a luxury apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, in the middle of December 2013. 

Wade, who has also denied knowing King, never returned and ended up behind bars for fraud.

Myls had been removed from the custody of his mother, Ashlee Dobson, in 2012.

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