Homosexual Teacher Who Sent Teen to his Death gets banned

This is a sad story. Iwan Harding was a teacher at a school in North Wales and he is a homosexual. Like so many homosexuals, he is interested in teenage boys – not adult men. He sent obscene texts, pictures and videos by mobile phone to Anthony Stubbs, a boy aged only 17.  Anthony was already a father and lived with his girlfriend and their baby. 

Iwan Harding, pictured, has been banned from the classroom indefinitely after a probe by the General Teaching Council for Wales over indecent messages he sent to teenage father Anthony Stubbs, 17

Iwan Harding, lecherous homosexual teacher

When Anthony’s girlfriend found the messages and pornographic material on his phone and asked him about it, he was so distraught that he went out and hanged himself. A woman is left widowed and a child is orphaned because of a homosexual’s vile perverted lust.

Anthony Stubbs hanged himself after girlfriend Charlotte Mason, pictured with baby Lily, found the messages

Anthony Stubbs with his girlfriend and their child.

Iwan Harding should have been jailed, because what he did, sending obscene material by mobile phone, is a criminal offence. Shamefully the crown prosecution service did not go through with the prosecution. 

But at least we are glad to say that this immoral teacher has been sacked from his job and banned by the General Teaching Council of Wales from ever teaching again. To have caused the death of a teenage boy  is a serious crime and he should be shunned by all decent people for the rest of his life.

  • Iwan Harding hit with toughest sanction he faced in conduct investigation

  • He had been teaching at village school in North Wales when messages found

  • Anthony Stubbs, 17, later found hanged after his girlfriend found the texts

  • A teacher who sent lewd texts to a schoolboy who later killed himself has been banned from the classroom indefinitely – the toughest sanction he could have faced.

    Iwan Harding, 35, was teaching at the village school at Glan Conwy, near Colwyn Bay in North Wales, when it was discovered he was swapping obscene messages with a teenage father.

    Anthony Stubbs, 17, was later found hanged in woodland after his girlfriend Charlotte Mason, 18, found the messages he had been exchanging with Mr Harding.



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