Parents in Omaha take on city over radical sex-ed curriculum.

In Omaha, the battle to protect children and families from a radical sexuality-LGBT program being imposed on schoolchildren has literally taken to the streets.

Last July we reported how our Nebraska MassResistance affiliate, Nebraskans for Founders’ Values (NFV) had organized and mobilized parents city-wide to oppose and derail a district-wide “comprehensive sex-ed” program passed in May by the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) Board after a big battle. There was also an aggressive “transgender non-discrimination” rule to follow.

Background: A great team of parents (and grandparents!) taking on the establishment

The battle has continued. NFV is arguably one of the best organized city-wide parent groups in America. They have hundreds of parents involved at various levels. A large core group meets every week, run by the group  leader, Mark Bonkiewicz, an incredible organizer and motivator. They work closely with MassResistance on tactics, strategy and other issues. […]

Source: Parents in Omaha take on city over radical sex-ed curriculum.

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