The Sad Life and Death of George Michael

Imagine being alone at Christmas, and dying alone at Christmas  – what could be sadder and more pathetic? The “gay” pop star George Michael was just another troubled, hung-up individual with a bunch of problems that included alcoholism, drug-addiction and inability to sustain any stable relationship. Despite his wealth and fame he died alone at the age of 53, and his most recent partner Fadi Fawaz said he had been battling with heroin addiction for the past year. The drugs and drink ruined his looks, and in the “gay” world, as in the “pop” world, looks are everything.

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Over the years George Michael had many dangerous car-crashes when under influence of drugs and drink. He wrote off cars, his own and other people’s, quite regularly. He was also, ignominiously, arrested for soliciting in a gents’ lavatory in Beverley Hills. None of this surprises anyone familiar with the pattern of “gay” psychology. Angling for anonymous sex-acts in squalid venues is what they like to do. Trying to abolish “stigma” is never going to make these people normal. George Michael’s homosexuality was part of a syndrome of inadequacy that is found over and over again in the lives of so-called “gay” people.

Nothing “gay” about this sad condition really. And it is a big mistake to deny such people counselling if they wish for it. In fact it is an injustice. Another big mistake would be to hold him up as a “role-model” for children. Who wants their son to end up like this? No one.



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