Baptists, LGBT Ordination, and the Need for Separation – Juicy Ecumenism

A Baptist congregation in Texas votes to perform same-sex marriages, and then protests when the Baptist General Convention of Texas severs ties.

I grew up in an independent Baptist church years before I knew what any of those words meant. I’ve heard virtually every stereotype about the Baptists: they’re legalistic, ultraconservative, narrow-minded, and even forbid dancing. I became convinced that for all their faults, both real and imagined, we could at least be sure that the world would never see a liberal Baptist. How wrong I was; Wilshire Baptist Church of Dallas Texas, which has a history of taking leftist positions, recently cast a 577-367 vote to grant LGBT people full church membership.

Essentially, this vote allows practicing LGBT members to be “considered for leadership positions, and grant same sex marriages.”

This issue surfaced when a homosexual congregant was repeatedly nominated for a deacon position, only for said nomination to be obstructed by church bylaws. This, combined with the number of out-of-the-closet gays and lesbians in the congregation’s ranks, compelled the church to devote itself to fourteen weeks of study of the topic, which culminated in the aforementioned vote.

So far this seems like a rank-and-file episode of apostasy in a local church that has been consumed by the homosexual agenda.

However, there are two items that stand out about this case. […]

Source: Baptists, LGBT Ordination, and the Need for Separation – Juicy Ecumenism

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