How we stopped bad anti-family bills in the Mass. Legislature

This past year the LGBT and Planned Parenthood lobbies continued to file radical, anti-family legislation in state legislatures across the country. They have become even more emboldened in the wake of the “gay marriage” Supreme Court ruling. Unfortunately, they’ve been successful in too many states.

But in Massachusetts, MassResistance was a major force in stopping some truly horrible bills in the 2015-2016 legislative session.

The only major LGBT bill that got passed was the transgender “bathroom” bill. In our opinion, that was due to a terrible and feckless strategy by the pro-family establishment (see below).

Around the country, MassResistance helps pro-family people confront their state legislators to keep bad anti-family bills from passing. Fighting against the well-funded LGBT and Planned Parenthood lobbies isn’t easy. But we’ve been doing it for many years.

Our approach for success is not complicated: (1) Be aggressive, not wimpy. (2) Don’t compromise on the truth or on your principles. (3) Ignore what the mainstream pro-family groups do, as they often make fatal concessions to please their wary donors and the biased media.

Here are the major anti-family bills that were filed in Massachusetts, and what we did to stop them:

Source: How we stopped bad anti-family bills in the Mass. Legislature

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