Kim Burrell Learns Hell Hath No Fury Like Offended LGBT Activists

It doesn’t matter how small or how big the alleged offense is, queers (not all mind you) will find some way to be offended. The best one is to tell them them that their chosen perversion is exactly that…..a perversion. It really tears them up. They get all butt hurt and start whining and crying about how hateful everyone is to them etc etc etc. Nothing more than a bunch of spoiled brats that needed a spanking at a younger age. <ADMIN>

The gospel is good news, good news that Jesus made a way for wayfaring man to be reconciled to a Holy God. Good news that for what Adam did — “the fall” which has tainted every human since with the sin nature — there is a remedy!

The genre of gospel music joyfully proclaims Jesus and the good news, uplifting the spirit, soothing the soul.

And it makes perfect sense that the same enemy of the soul who tempted Adam and Eve would hate any good news of salvation and grace.

After all these years of singing and preaching the good news, Kim Burrell now finds herself at the center of a firestorm of vitriol.

Burrell was scheduled to sing recently with Pharrell Williams on The Ellen Show, hosted by renowned lesbian Ellen DeGeneres. But prior to the appearance, a video surfaced of Kim preaching against sin, and naming the “homosexual spirit of delusion” in the sermon. Of course, just a short clip was used from a cell phone video and the hate began pouring in from the LGBT community that preaches tolerance and practices perversion and intolerance. […]

Source: Kim Burrell Learns Hell Hath No Fury Like Offended LGBT Activists

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