Suspicions Grow that George Michael’s Death was Suicide…or Worse

The sudden death of pop singer George Michael last month was probably suicide, in the opinion of his last boyfriend.

Fadi Fawaz, the last person to have a relationship with George Michael, said on Twitter that the singer had made several previous attempts to kill himself. 

After these tweets, Fawaz claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked and denied making the statements.

Other friends assert that the relationship had ended 18 months previously and are spreading dark rumours that Fawaz, a hairdresser, actually murdered the singer.

When the singer’s death was first reported, it was said that he was found alone in his bedroom on the morning of Christmas Day. Fadi Fawaz who was in a relationship with him was not inside the house –  but was sleeping in his car outside, according to what he told the Daily Mirror.

There is something odd about that. It suggests a quarrel, or that Michael was behaving in an intolerable way. His drunkenness and drug habit may have made him impossible to live with. A relative told the Sun Newspaper that Michael had several times banned Fawaz from the house. Could the ending of his relationship with a rich famous lover have tempted Fawaz to do something aggressive?

It was Fadi Fawaz who found the singer dead in his bedroom. The post-mortem examination gave no better cause of death than heart failure, which can easily be brought on by an overdose. He had spent millions going to rehabilation clinics.

It is a sad, sad story, but then most life stories of homosexuals are sad. The myth of the wonderful “gay” life is shown to be false when you look at the number of suicides among homosexuals, and the very few lasting relationships they have. Those relationships you see tend to be motivated by money and are never faithful or monogamous (Elton John/ David Furnish, or Terry Bean/Kiah Lawson, Steven Fry is another one). A rich older man pays a younger man for companionship and turns a blind eye to who he is sleeping with. 

There is little or no satisfaction in the “gay” life to compensate for its health risks, or the fact that you are surrounded by deeply damaged hung-up people (other gays).

We are sorry if George Michael committed suicide and we hope that he did not shut himself off from the love and mercy of God. He harmed himself and harmed others but we all need repentance and forgiveness R.I.P.

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