VICTORY for Bernard Gaynor – Again

Last year we were happy to announce the legal victory of Bernard Gaynor in his case for re-instatement in the armed forces of Australia. This year we are delighted again to announce his victory in the long-running court case against Garry Burns.

The next stage of the fight will be to get these oppressive “anti-discrimination” laws repealed wherever they are in force. They are simply a licence for aggressive homosexuals like Garry Burns to bully, harass and persecute good decent, normal people. 

Mr Gaynor writes:

This morning the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled in my favour against Garry Burns, bringing to an end almost three years of illegal harassment from him and the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board.

I have not yet fully read the judgement and will have more to say about its implications shortly. However, it is clear that this judgement also protects a number of other non-New South Wales residents who have been subjected to the same illegal harassment – even to the point that they were facing the possibility of jail.

I have now instructed my legal team to swiftly proceed with all possible legal action against the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and Garry Burns. This unlawful political police must face justice for its actions. Once again, this will be expensive and if you wish to support this action I would greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime, I must thank you and the many other Australians who have assisted with your encouragement, generosity, prayers and support. Without this support, I could not have defended myself and the anti-discrimination industry would be a much greater threat to Australians. Today, a significant portion of it has been found to be entirely unlawful.

I must also thank my wife, Ellen, for her tremendous support and courage. And I must thank God for his protection.

Thank you and there will be champagne flowing at the Gaynor house tonight!

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christ is our king!

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