Queer Bullies Force themselves into St Patricks Day Parade by Threatening Violence

Queers have always been bullies and they don’t change much. Threats, menace, violent attacks, vandalism, disruption, physical assault, this has always been their tactic and it is still is. This is how they silence all other viewpoints, and this is how they got homosexuality removed from the diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

Now they have bullied their way into the annual Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade, in violation of the Christian, Catholic ethos of the Irish community and despite the fact that the event is open to children. They had tried violence for many consecutive years and been held back by Boston police. This year they threatened to bus in hundreds of LGBT thugs from all over the USA so that the police would be overwhelmed. 

After massive pressure from media, politicians and corporations threatening to remove sponsorship or ban the parade altogether, the organizers were finally forced to give in when the Boston police said that they could not guarantee security. So mob violence won, and imposed its own display of depressing filth and perversion instead of the traditional values St Patrick’s Day in meant to celebrate.

Next time you are asked to feel sorry for some poor little “gay” who has been supposedly beaten up on a train, or in a club, shrug your shoulders and say, “What if he was? He was just getting back a taste of what those homo-fascists do all the time to the rest of society. So frankly, they deserved it and we won’t be weeping for them.”







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