Rogue Headmaster Liam Nolan Quits Leaving £1.8 million in debts

Queer Headmaster Liam Nolan started his career with a scandal and went downhill from there. As a teacher in Birmingham, England, he was arrested during school hours for indecent behaviour with another man in a public park. He was convicted on criminal charges but instead of sacking him, the governors accepted his feeble excuses and claim that he was victimized for being “gay”. To prove they were not “homophobic” they made him headmaster, and he invited a stream of queer celebs to  come and talk at the school to young children.

By currying favour with Labour party bigwigs, he got himself made head of a string of schools, known as Perry Beeches Academy I, II, III, IV and V.  He was their poster-boy for LGBT-friendly education policies.  The schools’ academic performance was weak but talked up with glib patter by Nolan, then it emerged that he was employing his nephew and niece. An enquiry revealed that Nolan was also siphoning off large sums of money from the Trust that ran the finances of the school.  For a long time he clung on defiantly, sure that the socialist politicians he had given generous donations to would keep him in power. But when the full extent of his financial mismanagement was revealed, he decided to go quietly. Of course if he had been heterosexual he would have been prosecuted  – but you can’t do that to a “gay” as they would scream “homophobia”.

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