America’s Top Six Serial Killers Were All Homosexual. 2. John Gacy

Claim: “Gays” are victims”

Fact : the top seven serial killers in US criminal history were all homosexual.

Number 2: John Wayne Gacy. A.K.A.: “The Killer Clown”

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy  was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago Illinois.  In 1980  he was convicted of 33 murders of mostly teenage boys. He was sentenced to death for 12 of those murders (12 proved to have been committed after Illinois had passed post-Furman death penalty), and to natural life in prison for the others.  In 1994 he was executed.

The bodies of most of the victims were unearthed in the crawl space under Gacy’s middle class home in the Chicago suburbs. Evidence showed that the defendant led a double life, engaging in charitable and political activities at the same time he was committing a series of sadistic torture murders. He enticed many young men to his home for homosexual liaisons, tying or handcuffing his partners then strangling or choking them. Gacy was a successful contractor, was active in the community, and often dressed up as a clown for parties.

On December 11, 1978, a 15-year-old Des Plaines high school sophomore, Robert Piest, disappeared shortly after leaving work at a pharmacy where Gacy had recently completed a remodeling job.

Police put Gacy under surveillance, and when it was learned that two teenage employees of Gacy, Gregory Godzik and John Butkovich, also had recently disappeared, the police obtained a search warrant for Gacy’s home. A roll of film belonging to Piest was seized in the ensuing search.

A second search warrant was executed and three lime-covered bodies were found in the crawl space. Gacy pointed officers to the precise locations of certain bodies in the crawl space and stated that he had lured the victims to his home, either expressly for sex or through the promise of employment, and then strangled them. He also drew them a detailed map to the locations of 28 shallow graves under his house and garage. A total of 29 bodies were recovered on the property and 4 more were discovered in a nearby river.

Further he admitted to dumping five others into the Des Plaines River. Gacy told detectives, “There are four Johns.” He later explained that there was John the contractor, John the clown, and John the politician. The fourth person went by the name of Jack Hanley. Jack was the killer and did all the evil things.

Gacy’s murder trial began Feb. 6, 1980, in the Cook County Criminal Courts Building in Chicago. During the five-week trial the prosecution and the defense called more than 100 witnesses to testify.

Gacy recanted his confession and did not testify at trial, where he asserted an insanity defense unsuccessfully.

The defense strategy was to establish that Gacy was insane and out of control at the time of the killings. To bolster this claim the defense put on the stand psychiatrists who had interviewed Gacy prior to trial. After the closing arguments, the jury deliberated for only two hours before finding Gacy guilty of murdering 33 people.

On March 13, 1980, Gacy was sentenced to die. Gacy was transported to Menard Correctional Center in Illinois. He would remain there for just over 14 years until he was transported to the Statesville Penitentiary near Joliet for execution.

Just after midnight on May 10, 1994, Gacy was executed by lethal injection. For his last words, Gacy snarled, ”Kiss my ass.”



After his execution, Gacy’s brain was removed. It is currently in the possession of Dr. Helen Morrison, who interviewed Gacy and other serial killers in an attempt to isolate common personality traits of violent sociopaths; however, an examination of Gacy’s brain after his execution by the forensic psychiatrist hired by his lawyers revealed no abnormalities.

Known Gacy victims, with date of disappearance.

Timothy McCoy, 18, January 3, 1972

John Butkovitch, 17, July 21, 1975

Darrell Sampson, 18, April 6, 1976

Randall Reffett, 15, May 14, 1976

Sam Stapleton, 14, May 14, 1976

Michael Bonnin, 17, June 3, 1976

William Carroll, 16, June 13, 1976

Rick Johnston, 17, August 6, 1976

Kenneth Parker, 16, October 25, 1976

Michael Marino, 14, October 25, 1976

Gregory Godzik, 17, December 12, 1976

John Szyc, 19, January 20, 1977

Jon Prestidge, 20, March 15, 1977

Matthew Bowman, 19, July 5, 1977

Robert Gilroy, 18, September 15, 1977

John Mowery, 19, September 25, 1977

Russell Nelson, 21, October 17, 1977

Robert Winch, 16, November 10, 1977

Tommy Boling, 20, November 18, 1977

David Talsma, 19, December 9, 1977

William Kindred, 19, February 16, 1978

Timothy O’Rourke, 20, June 1978

Frank Landingin, 19, November 4, 1978

James Mazzara, 21, November 24, 1978

Robert Piest, 15, December 11, 1978

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2 Responses to America’s Top Six Serial Killers Were All Homosexual. 2. John Gacy

  1. Claim: The top seven serial killers in the United States were Homosexual.
    Fact: Only two of the top several serial killers in the United States were homosexual.

    These two are Donald Harvey and John Wayne Gacy. Of these two, only the latter killed for sexual pleasure. The former committed ONE homosexuality-related murder, because he believed his lover was cheating on him. This is actually something that heterosexual men have done in the past.


    • EditorialTeam says:

      The facts are all on this blog.
      We delete comments (like your other one) that use bad language and get abusive.
      Whether or not they “killed for sexual pleasure” is beside the point. They were serial killers.
      And if you look around you will find that there are a lot of homosexuals in the lists of serial killers all over the world. not just in America. The percentage is far higher than the percentage of homosexuals in the population.

      Jürgen Bartsch (born Karl-Heinz Sadrozinski) (November 6, 1946 – April 28, 1976) was a German serial killer who murdered four boys aged between 8 and 13 and attempted to kill another. The case of the sexual offender Bartsch in German jurisdiction history was the first to include psycho-social factors of the defendant, who came from a violent early surrounding, to set down the degree of penalty.

      Fritz Haarmann
      He was attracted to and preyed on young men and boys; Executed in 1925;
      Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann (25 October 1879 – 15 April 1925) was a German serial killer, known as the Butcher of Hanover, the Vampire of Hanover and the Wolf-Man, who committed the sexual assault, murder, mutilation and dismemberment of a minimum of 24 boys and young men between 1918 and 1924 in Hanover, Germany. Haarmann was found guilty of 24 of the 27 murders for which he was tried and sentenced to death by beheading in December 1924. In addition, in accordance with German practice, his honorary rights of citizenship were revoked. He was subsequently executed in April 1925. Haarmann became known as the Butcher of Hanover (German: Der Schlächter von Hannover) due to the… more
      Age: Dec. at 45 (1879-1925)


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