America’s Top Six Serial Killers Were All Homosexual. 3 Patrick Kearney

Claim: “Gays” are  victims”

Fact : the top seven serial killers in US criminal history were all homosexual.

Number 3: Patrick Kearney

Patrick Wayne Kearney A.K.A.: “The Trash-Bag Killer” – The Freeway Killer”

kearneyClassification: Serial killer

Characteristics: Rape – Mutilation

Number of victims: 21 – 28 +

Date of murders: 1975 – 1977

Date of arrest: July 5, 1977

Date of birth: 1940

Victims profile: Homosexual men

Method of murder: Shooting

Location: California, USA

Status: Sentenced to life in prison December 21, 1977

Patrick Kearney (born 1940) is an American serial killer who preyed on young men in California during the 1970s. He is sometimes referred to as The Freeway Killer,

Homosexual men were being murdered in bunches from 1975 to 1977, dumped unceremoniously along highways between Los Angeles and the Mexican border. The investigation centered on Patrick Wayne Kearney, an electronics engineer from Los Angeles who looked nothing like the stereotypical Serial Killer with his glasses and harmless demeanor.

Wanted by police along with acquaintance David Hill, who was never charged with any crime related to the murders, Kearney’s reign of death ended when he simply strolled into the Redondo Beach police station and gave himself up.

Kearney plead guilty to killing three men and was sentenced to life in prison. Authorities knew there were many more and offered Kearney a deal. He would receive no death sentence in exchange for the complete list of victims.

Kearney eventually confessed and plead guilty to eighteen more killings, directing the law to victims that were previously undiscovered. Kearney also admitted to another eleven murders that he was never prosecuted for, bringing his grand total to 32 killings.


On July 5, 1977, authorities in Riverside, California, announced the confessions of two male suspects in a series of grisly “trash bag” murders, thought to include fifteen victims in five different counties since 1973.

The suspects, Patrick Kearney and David Douglas Hill, were charged in only two cases — both victims slain in March 1977 — but that day Kearney led detectives to six alleged dumping sites in Imperial County. Evidence recovered from Kearney’s home, where Hill resided as a live-in lover, included fibers matched to those on several corpses and a bloody hacksaw, used in the dismemberment of certain victims.

The California “trash bag” case officially began on April 13, 1975, when the mutilated remains of Albert Rivera, age 21, were discovered near San Juan Capistrano. By November, six bodies had been found in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

The discovery of two more victims in March 1977 raised the bodycount to eight, and by that time police had their pattern. All the identified victims had homosexual backgrounds; each was found nude, shot in the head with a similar weapon; several were dismembered or otherwise mutilated, their remains tied up in identical plastic garbage bags.

The final victim was 17-year-old John LaMay, last seen by his parents on March 13, when he left home to visit “Dave.” Police entered the case five days later, after LaMay’s dismembered remains were found beside a highway, south of Corona. Friends of the victim identified “Dave” as David Hill, supplying homicide detectives with an address. Warrants were issued for Hill and his roommate, but the lovers remained at large until July 1, when they entered the Riverside County sheriff’s office, pointed to their posters on the wall, and smilingly announced, “That’s us.”

A high school dropout from Lubbock, Texas, David Hill joined the army in 1960 but was soon discharged on diagnosis of an unspecified personality disorder. Back in Lubbock, he married his high school sweetheart, but the romance was short-lived. In 1962, he met Patrick Kearney, stationed with the air force in Texas, and their attraction was mutual. Hill divorced his wife in 1966 and moved to California with Kearney a year later. They were living together in Culver City, a Los Angeles suburb, when the long string of murders began. (The first victim, known only as “George,” was buried behind Kearney’s Culver City duplex in September 1968; detectives, following the killer’s directions, unearthed his skeleton in July 1977.)

On July 14, 1977, Patrick Kearney was formally indicted on two counts of murder, including that of John LaMay. David Hill was released the same day, his charges dismissed as Kearney shouldered full responsibility in the slayings, telling police that he killed because “it excited him and gave him a feeling of dominance.”

By July 15, Kearney had signed confessions to twenty-eight murders, with twelve of the cases confirmed by police. On December 21, he pled guilty on three counts of first-degree murder, receiving a sentence of life imprisonment.

Prosecutors launched the new year by charging Kearney with another eighteen counts of murder in February 1978. Nine of those charges disposed of the first dozen victims in Kearney’s confessions; the others included two children, ages five and eight, along with four victims whose bodies were never recovered.

On February 21, Kearney pled guilty on all counts, receiving another life sentence. If his original confessions were truthful, at least seven victims remain unidentified.


Hill, 34 years old at the time, was eventually cleared of any involvement in his partner’s crimes and was released. Kearney, on the other hand, made a full confession to his crimes, admitting to a total of twenty-eight murders. In order to avoid the death penalty, he agreed to plead guilty. Kearney was charged with 21 counts of murder, and as agreed, he pleaded guilty and was given twenty-one life sentences. Police are certain that Kearney was responsible for the other seven murders he had admitted, but they did not have the physical evidence to charge him, and furthermore, they were satisfied that he would be in prison for the rest of his life.


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