Who is Killing the Gays? Part 2

It is amazing how hard homosexuals work to make themselves and other people sick. Even when they know there is no cure for their diseases, they still go on behaving in this pathological way – and denounce those who try to help them!

Crazy homo-fanatic Waybe Besen was interviewed in 2009 on a TV show called The O’Reilly Factor. Waybe is homosexual, likes telling everybody that he is homosexual, and he works for a group that he calls “The truth wins out”. This group spreads … er …stuff that is not the truth. Like saying nobody can ever leave the homosexual lifestyle.

The topic of discussion is whether the Pope is right to say that condoms cannot solve the problem of AIDS spreading in Africa. Besen condemns the Pope for being “irresponsible”. 22 million people have AIDS in Africa and he says the condom is the only way to help them.

A Catholic spokesman points out that wherever the condom is freely available, rates of HIV infection are rising. Why? Because it encourages people to regard promiscuity and homosexuality as normal. This has happened in S. Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Yet in Uganda, which does not hand out condoms free, rates of HIV are falling. This is because the government of Uganda is intensively educating people to avoid homosexuality and all sex outside marriage.

The interviewer reminds Besen that according to the Planned Parenthood organization condoms are only 80% effective in preventing the passing on of the HIV virus. So, she asks, would either of the interviewees use it themselves with a person known to be HIV positive?

In reply Waybe says YES!! He says he has had relations with those who are HIV infected – and he would do so again !!!

Who can tell how many people will be influenced by this maniac and will end up sick?


Posted on October 27, 2013 by clairethinker Edit

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