Who is Killing the Gays? Facts and Figures

Homosexuals and liberals in the West are getting enraged because Uganda won’t legalize homosexuality. Let’s take a look at what happened in South Africa, where they did legalize it.

In South Africa 1.9 million people are HIV positive.  There is a rampant problem of sex-tourism with foreigners going there to access cheap prostitutes, many of them male. The anti-AIDS campaign is costing the country $1.6 BILLION per year in tests and drugs. Meanwhile millions of people live in one-room shacks and slums, without tap water, sewerage, lighting, or adequate food. Their children go barefoot to schools where everyone is in one class and they sit on the floor.

Without the curse of homosexuality South Africans could be enjoying a higher standard of living. When they legalized homosexuality, PEOPLE DIED. It is gays who are killing the gays  – and they are to blame for a lot of sickness and death. One AIDS victim was the son of Nelson Mandela.

Here is a clip from a film about a real life victim. The film was made and posted by the UK National Health Service.


Homosexual male Clint got HIV when he was 17 and died at the age of 31.
Life expectancies are now going up but patients have to take THREE different drugs simultaneously.

Who killed Clint? Not the Ugandan government. Not heterosexuals. Clint was killed by other homosexuals who passed the infection on to him. It is queers who are killing queers. Another point  – the anti-retroviral drugs cost the NHS £18,000 per year for each HIV patient and the cost is going up all the time. Each drug is only effective for a few years so new ones have to be found and prescribed. The  cost is ever spiralling. Since the drug treatment required is so expensive, the NHS has to make cuts that are costing the lives of other patients. Queers kill queers. Queers kill other people.

The queer lifestyle is not “gay”. It is sad, and sick. On British television recently there was a documentary about patients at a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases in Manchester. Many of the worst cases were homosexuals, and the reason was obvious – their lifestyle. It showed a pair of young homosexual males called Dom and Lucas who had been together for a year and a half. They are ordinary looking, unlike the clean-cut models in “gay” websites. Dom has pimples and Lucas has broken, crooked teeth. Dom, aged 21, already has HIV. He had it before they met. He is taking medication but after six months his viral load has not gone down enough to stop him passing it on. He and Lucas continue to have relations, using condoms, but sooner or later Lucas will probably get the disease. The homosexual who gave Dom the disease is the one who is “killing the gays”. He will sooner or later  be to blame for Dom’s death and probably that of Lucas as well.

What is “gay” about their life? What could be more pitiful than this pair of young men trapped in a life of perversion, vice and disease?

Other homosexuals interviewed in the programme admitted that they were taking risks and having unprotected relations.

Twenty year old males Skylar and Lloyd, homosexuals who earn their living making gay porn films, admitted this. Skylar says once had five men in one night, without condoms, and caught gonorrhea. A male who calls himself Jasmine and wears dresses said he has had 62 male partners in the last six months.

According to the NHS official figures, there were 5,600 new HIV cases in UK  last year of whom half were homosexuals. When you consider that homosexuals are only 2% of the population, that indicates a risk factor 25 times above the risk of normal sex.

However, even these figures are distorted. They don’t admit that a lot of the cases treated are those of foreign women, particularly from places such as South Africa, who come to England to get free treatment. If you look at the figures for UK citizens, heterosexuals are only a very small percentage and most of the women infected get it from abnormal relations with a bisexual man. So the true risk factor for homosexuals is more than 25 times higher than for normal people. World-wide the number of people infected with HIV is not going down. It is rising. The number of fatalities is only being reduced by stuffing the patients with anti-retroviral drugs that postpone their death.


Even the queer press from time to time reports the deaths of homosexuals from AIDS and they make grim reading.


Spencer Cox, one of the most significant AIDS activists in America has died aged 44 of AIDS related causes. Cox co-founded TAG (Treatment Action Group) and was a spokesman for ACT UP, both major HIV/ AIDS organisations in the USA. He died this morning at Columbia Presbyterian hospital. [He didn’t mind being looked after by Christians it seems.] Cox was diagnosed with HIV soon after leaving college, becoming a spokesman for ACT UP.


Gay adult star Josh Weston (real name Chad) has died aged 39. He had previously starred in a string of bareback porn films for a variety of different porn houses. Hot House, who produced some of the work he appeared in confirmed Weston’s death on their blog writing: “Adult Superstar Josh Weston succumbed to HIV-related complications on Sunday, December 16. He was 39 years old.

Amusing how they call perversion “adult” isn’t it?

Homosexuals are not only more likely to get HIV. They also have far higher-than-average rates of all the other sexually transmitted diseases. These include virulent-strain syphilis, which is resistant to antibiotics. Syphilis had almost been eradicated before homosexuality was legalized. Since then it has come back with a vengeance and is costing a fortune to treat with drugs. Homosexuals also spread virulent-strain gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, scabies, lice, hepatitis, colonic cancer and TB which is AIDS-related. The life-expectancy of homosexuals in every part of the world is much shorter than that of heterosexuals. Without a doubt it is gays killing the gays!

In the Third World where they cannot afford to spend billions of dollars on drugs, the policy of banning homosexuality is understandable to say the least. In Uganda the average yearly income is only $500! That’s about £300 British pounds. And the queers want them to invite diseases that cost £18,000 per year in drugs to suppress. These queers are just crazy.

They should stop bullying the government of Uganda and sort out their own problems instead.


Christian organizations in Uganda have done wonderful work for a long time, running schools and clinics and helping people to access such basics as clean water. Then militant queers got enraged with a Christian group called Crossroads because it was teaching people traditional morality. No permissiveness, no LGBT theory, just marriage or celibacy. The queers went storming off to the Canadian government and tried to get the funding pulled from Crossroads! They didn’t give a damn about the lives Crossroads had saved or the people who would be without schooling if it closed down. Crossroads has been saved for the time being but who knows next time? The homo-fascists are always looking for ways of pushing THEIR agenda and calling it “human rights”.


Posted on February 22, 2013


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One Response to Who is Killing the Gays? Facts and Figures

  1. Reisen says:

    Their life expectancies are still low, and they are engaging in more raunchy and dangerous behaviours because they think PrEP will protect them. The drug is failing in more and more cases and there are now six strains of HIV.


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