Target Suffers Because of its Trannie Nonsense

A year ago the Target chainstore announced that it would adopt a transgender-friendly policy in its bathrooms. Men dressing as women would be allowed to use the female toilets, and vice versa for women.

Target shoppers in West Palm Beach, Fla., last summer.

Immediately, anger sparked across the USA.  People have had enough of LGBT bullying. The laws passed by looney judges are getting more and more bizarre, and for normal people the nightmare has got worse and worse. In weeks an internet campaign was calling for a boycott of Target stores.  Currently, more than a million customers have signed a “Boycott Target” petition by the American Family Association in oppostion to the policy.

And one month after the policy announcement, Target stock had fallen by 12%. That represents several billion dollars. 

In the year since then, Target has not recovered, In fact it has gone from bad to worse. Its turnover has dropped and its shares have continued to plummet. According to the Wall Street Journal, their share valuation has dropped from $50 to $30 billion, a loss of $20 billion. The management keeps on denying that the boycott, still in force, is the reason. They are trying to blame competition from Amazon and other rivals. But that is just to avoid having to admit it was a colossal blunder. The majority just don’t want to be bullied by a tiny, tiny minority of 0.025 of the population (who have a curious tendency to spy on others in toilets, or even attempt to take pictures).

Of course customers can buy elsewhere. And we will! The tide is turning, Obama is gone and the days when the LGBTs just had to snap their fingers and politicians and judges would jump to do their bidding are nearing their end. A return to sanity is overdue. 

#BoycottTarget and keep the boycott up as a warning to others. If you have not yet signed the petition you can go it it on this link:-

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