Trump Appoints Conservative Army Secretary instead of homosexual

Thank God President Trump has taken over from Obama. He has now selected Senator Mark Green, a Republican from Tennessee, to be the next army secretary.

Not a minute too soon! The crazy policies of LGBT extremists have already done untold damage to the US army. Since openly gay behaviour was legalized there is a rising problem of homosexual rape. Under Obama and his “openly gay” army Secretary, Eric Fanning, the army has degenerated. The queers flaunt their perversions, and try all the time to draw others in. If others don’t join in willingly, they get forced.

Mark Green is a Christian, Tea Party supporter, and sensible conservative with his feet on the ground.  He has championed SB 127, which will end the policy of reprisals against businesses that refuse to employ a statutory quota of homosexuals and trannies. No more Gaystapo telling us who to employ!  The mad policy of letting homosexuals become leaders in the Boy Scouts is only one example of how this leads to disaster.

He has also supported SB 771, which upholds the obligation of schools to provide separate toilet facilities, showers and changing rooms for boys and for girls.  This defends the right of boys and girls to privacy from the opposite sex.  Children  who wish to use the wrong facilities are disturbed and should never be indulged in their delusion.

Green backs SB 14, which would restore to teachers the right not to teach content that violates their conscience. This means they will not have to teach the lies of LGBT propaganda. They would be free again to assert that marriage is the union of a man to a woman, to point out the health risks and abnormality of the “gay” lifestyle, or simply say nothing.  At present teachers are shamefully bullied to implement ideas of GLAAD or HRC. 

Along with SB14 he quite rightly backs  SB 1556, a bill to restore freedom of conscience to those practising psycho-therapy and counselling. That is totally fair, as therapists should certainly not have to encourage patients in disturbed or unhealthy behaviours. Every patient should be entitled to choose a therapist and if what they want is help overcoming or controlling their homosexual urges, that is up to them. The state has no right to interfere, and the Gay Mafia certainly have no right to push their oar in and obstruct. We know from science that nobody is “born gay”. 

Last June, the Pentagon announced that it was abolishing the obligation to correctly state your sex when you serve in the armed forces. It announced that liars and cross-dressers would now be welcome! Was the idea to go into a war aiming to make the enemy die laughing? Luckily there was a year-long timetable for implementing the policy, so that sexually confused people cannot enlist under the wrong sex until this coming summer. Green, who doesn’t hold with any trannie nonsense, can be expected to backtrack and send the nutcases packing. 

We applaud Trump’s choice and hope to see many more like it, pulling America back from the downward spiral it was on during Obama’s presidency.

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