Lesbian Couple Starved Daughter and Hit her with Hammer


Court heard that the abuse had taken place over a number of years with victim revealing she was told ‘they would find me and kill me’

A MUM and her lover have been caged for abusing her starving daughter who they forced to cut the grass at night with scissors and hit with a hammer for stealing food.

Deborah Harrison, 37, and “wife” Jennifer Harrison, 30, hit Deborah’s teenage daughter with a hammer 34 times in what a Judge at Hull Crown Court called “the worst case of actual bodily harm” he had ever dealt with.

Deborah Harrison, left, and Jennifer Harrison have both been sentenced to four years behind bars

The court heard that the abuse had taken place over a number of years and when examined by a doctor days after an attack the victim had bruises all over her head and body.

In a statement she said that after she was forced to leave the home, she was told “no matter where I was, they would find me and kill me.”

Reading out the statement to the court, prosecutor David Gordon said: “I had never felt so much like a child or an animal.

“You have screamed my name so many times that I now hate the sound of my own name.

“I wanted this trial for validation that what I went through is wrong. My life has been held in limbo – I have changed beyond recognition.”

Deborah and Jennifer were both found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a court heard their victim was also beaten with hairbrushes and a TV remote as well as being made to sleep on the floor with dogs.

Caging both women for four years Judge Simon Jack said: “You [Deborah] were her birth mother and should have been protecting her, instead you did the exact opposite.

“It is hard to imagine an offence more serious than that.”

He added: “The victim is not to blame for any of this, it is you who are wholly and solely to blame for this.

“In terms of abuse of trust, it could hardly be worse in this case.

“There could hardly be more aggravating features or a worse outcome.”


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5 Responses to Lesbian Couple Starved Daughter and Hit her with Hammer

  1. Deja vu. #LiamFee (RIP).

    “It is hard to imagine an offence more serious than that.” [Judge]
    I s he joking? Why imagine, when we know about murdered toddler Liam Fee? They killed him. I believe that Liam would be alive today, but for bias against dads, in social services and the family courts.

    Help me, please.


    • Millard says:

      The problem with that judge appears that he is a liberal…or something. I didn’t post the article but from all I read and could see, the two tub of lards had no business being around a child in the first place. But, there are activist judges that wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the head.


  2. clairethinker says:

    Please give us a link to the case you are referring to. Thanks


  3. clairethinker says:

    Ah yes, I remember now – we did actually put this horrific case on this site using his other name Liam Johnson,

    And don’t forget the lesbians who beat a boy to death for refusing to call one of them “Daddy”. That happened in Australia.


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