Homosexual on PreP drugs in Australia gets HIV

All over the Western world, homosexuals are demanding PreP drugs to inoculate them against HIV so they don’t have to rely on using condoms. But viruses evolve constantly and already there is a case of a man in Australia who has contracted the virus while using PreP. He was taking part in a trial of the drug in Victoria.

The drugs are expensive and will be a huge burden on the tax-payer if the LGBT lobby succeeds in getting them paid for by Government-funded health services, which are already weighed down by the exorbitant costs of LGBT diseases.

“Reports have emerged that a participant in Victoria’s pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial has seroconverted and become HIV-positive. In a statement by the Victorian AIDS Council, it has been suggested there are two ways this may have occurred: either the person didn’t strictly adhere to their PrEP regimen, or they came into contact with a HIV-positive person with a detectable viral load who had a strain of the virus resistant to PrEP.  Chief Executive of VAC Simon Ruth said despite the news, the vast majority of people taking PrEP in Australia and around the world continue to be protected by the HIV prevention tool. Currently there are over 100,000 individuals who are taking PrEP globally as a way to protect themselves against HIV acquisition,” he said. “To date there have been no confirmed cases in Australia of a person on PrEP being infected with a drug-resistant HIV. “There have been no reported occurrences of widespread PrEP failure here or around the world where in many locations PrEP is approved and subsidised.”

He added that it’s important to consider all options when it comes to HIV prevention.

>>>Does “all options” include giving up sodomy, avoiding promiscuity, and ceasing to glorify or encourage homosexuality as a behaviour? If so, we might really see an improvement.






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