London School Faces Closure for Refusing to teach LGBT dogmas

Vishnitz School, an independent Jewish school for girls aged 3-8 in London, has been threatened with closure for refusing to teach pupils the LGBT ideology.

Image result for Vishnitz SchoolAccording to the crazy policies of the government, which is in the grip of homo-fanatics, the school should be teaching these little girls to come out as lesbian as soon as possible, and even that they can become boys by having sex-changes.

It’s crazy, it’s harmful…and it’s being enforced with all the power of the law. More and more children in UK are saying they want sex-change treatment because they have encountered the idea at school or via TV or social media. It’s mental illness and some homosexuals want the LGBT movement to drop the “T”. But they won’t…

Haredi Jews believe sex education falls to parents rather than schools.  Well that’s fine  – so do we!

The notion of teaching a seven-year-old Haredi girl about “gender reassignment” is anathema. Yet as far as Ofsted is concerned, Haredi schools face a simple choice: abandon a key religious principle or be closed down.

This is no isolated curiosity, affecting only the 45,000 or so British Haredi Jews. To people of faith, it is a familiar tale of the Left launching a sustained attack on religion.

Now those involved in Christian schools are linking arms with Orthodox Jews to challenge what they see as the Department for Education (DfE) pushing a secularist agenda.

As Gill Robins, of Christians In Education, puts it, the DfE has launched ‘an all-out assault on faith values, sanctity of family and parental rights’.

In 2014, when Nicky Morgan succeeded Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Education, she made the significant step of hiring Luke Tryl, of the infamous Stonewall organization, who campaigns under the pretext of stopping so-called “homophobic bullying”.

His close ties to the Cabinet minister gave him huge influence and his appointment in 2014 coincided with a marked change in the approach to teaching LGBT issues in Britain’s schools.

The following year the charity Educate & Celebrate was handed £214,000 from a Government budget of £2 million to tackle supposed “homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying in schools”. His programme is so extreme it involves teaching children as young as seven to stop saying ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ so they did not offend transgender pupils.  BARMY?  YES.

We have gone from anti-bullying campaigns to the specific issue of homophobic bullying, which is by its very nature more of a niche concern,’ says Gill Robins.

‘But anyone who raises an eyebrow is attacked as a bigot. We have this liberal elite who feel everything in education has to be rainbow-coloured. It is getting out of hand.’

When Theresa May sacked Nicky Morgan last summer, Luke Tryl was appointed Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted, and the campaign appeared to step up a gear.

‘There are only ten Orthodox Jewish schools in Britain, so effectively one in three were singled out for the heavy treatment,’ says Rabbi Pinter. ‘This is social engineering at work and nothing to do with safeguarding our children.’

Referring to the Vishnitz case, he condemns the ‘obsession’ with fighting ‘non-existent issues for our community’. ‘I suggest Ofsted go down to the local police station and ask them about the history of homophobic abuse around here,’ he says. ‘There is none whatsoever. We are decent, tolerant people and we do not bully anybody. So why should we be forced to teach girls about issues which have nothing to do with their lives? Our community promotes tolerance of all . . . But tolerance works both ways; Ofsted shows none to people of faith.’

You can see more about the school on their website

Send them your messages of support <>



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  1. I took a psychological test recently. I scored maximum homophobic. They issued me with a certificate, and told me not to worry,because there wasn’t a therapy they could prescribe that reduce my natural homophobia.


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