Violent Homosexuals Attack and Beat Up Christians in Canada

It is bad enough that LGBTs use aggressive lawsuits to try to crush and intimidate other points of view. As well as that, the fanatics resort to open violence whenever they can and whenever it suits them. 

Shame on the Canadian police who made no arrests, letting the homosexuals get away with criminal violence.

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Christian demonstrators attacked, injured by “liberals” (degenerates) waving gay pride flag

Fr. Mark Hodges

CALGARY, Alberta, July 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A “Defense of Christianity” demonstration in front of Calgary’s City Hall turned violent.

Street Church had a valid permit and was ready to begin when angry members of Calgary’s “Anti-Fascist Action” [meaning anti-social action] group started screaming in the faces of demonstrators.

The “Street Church” demonstrators screamed back, “Jesus loves you and wants to save your soul,” and similar messages. Confrontations escalated, culminating in the “Anti-Fascist” group starting several mixed martial arts fights.

The rally disintegrated into a mass brawl quickly as counter-protesters cursed at, pushed, threw down, kicked, and began punching Street Church members.

It was all captured on video.

The demonstration was scheduled to feature pro-life and pro-marriage activist Bill Whatcott. He is facing a $104 million lawsuit for “sharing the Gospel surreptitiously at the Toronto homosexual shame parade,” and another lawsuit from the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal for “referring to a gender-confused biological male who was running for the NDP as a male.”

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2 Responses to Violent Homosexuals Attack and Beat Up Christians in Canada

  1. Deb Kean says:

    Since when was sharing the gospel a crime?


    • Millard says:

      As I said earlier, in some places, the gospel is considered “hate speech”. Truth becomes hate speech when people hate the truth.


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