Sam’s Story: Pushing the Transgender Agenda on Toddlers – Marriage Alliance


Preying upon young and impressionable minds seems to be the mantra of the LGBTI lobby. With the inception of programs such as Safe Schools, they gained access to school-aged children throughout the world, indoctrinating them via sexually explicit curriculums.

Now they are targeting an even younger age group, as they introduce ‘gender diversity’ by means of a doll known as ‘Sam’.

Like the Babushka dolls of many happy childhoods, ‘Sam’ is a collection of stackable dolls, only with a different “gender identity” for each reveal.

As a blogpost on Mashable explains:

Meet Sam. Sam is just a kid who wants to help you understand who he is. And he happens to be transgender. 

The trans boy is actually a brand-new toy in development, and his creators hope he explains what it means to be transgender to children. Made up of a series of stacking dolls, each layer of the toy represents a stage of gender questioning and exploring. The Russian nesting dolls also come with an e-book to help teachers and guardians talk about gender diversity with their children and students.

Each doll in the nesting set represents a key step some transgender and gender-nonconforming people experience in terms of their identity, from questioning to exploration to isolation.

The final piece inside every set of Sam nesting dolls is a heart representing one’s true self, showing kids that appearances may change, but who a person is stays the same.

The organisation which created the toy, Gender Creative Kids Canada, isn’t even attempting to hide the fact that that the toy is directly targeted at the youngest of children. They even refer to Sam as ‘the world’s first educational transgender toy’:

“Awareness of variations in gender identity is increasing in many countries, but there are still very few tools available that allow parents or teachers to talk to young children about this sensitive, complex subject,” the project’s Kickstarter page says. “Sam helps children empathize with the emotional challenges of being born a transgender or gender-diverse person.”

Despite claiming to be a grassroots movement, the organisation is actually backed by two major donors: TD Bank and Quebec government. The involvement of these larger entities only stands as further proof that the push to redefine marriage is not a grassroots campaign, but rather a movement funded by a wealthy few, who are intent upon reshaping society as they deem fit.

Backed by these two entities, Gender Creative Kids Canada was able to launch a ‘short film’ surrounding ‘Sam’s Story’, grossing over 1 million views on Facebook. Mashable notes it will be ‘used as a standalone piece in Quebec and Ontario schools’. The pushing of this short film – which is nothing more than an advertisement – is likely unprecedented. Which other education departments would so blatantly run what is essentially a direct marketing campaign for a toy?

The LGBTI agenda has no qualms about using the youngest and most defenceless of our society in order to reshape the mind of the majority, nor about overriding parental choices by finding ways to get their ideologies into schools by any means possible. In Canada, backed by large entities such as such as TD Bank or the Quebec government, they are well on their way to achieving just that: cultural domination and control.

Source: Sam’s Story: Pushing the Transgender Agenda on Toddlers – Marriage Alliance

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