TRUTH BOMB: Why one combat vet’s post supporting the trangender military ban is going viral – Allen B. West –

This is the last post about the transconfused garbage….unless of course there is something truly new.–Admin

Liberals flew off the handle yesterday after President Trumpreinstated a ban on transgendered individuals serving in the military. While social justice warriors spewed their emotions all over social media, there was at least one voice of reason.

An Iraq combat veteran, J.R. Salzman — who was wounded during his service — came forward and spoke in favor of the ban.

According to The Daily Wire:

Salzman said, “I served in Iraq in 2006. For the first five months I was on a 12 man firebase out in the middle of nowhere in the desert,” said the veteran, before explaining the every day hell of war.

“Everyday was Groundhog Day. Wake up and do the same patrols, the same shifts, every single day. It was so damn hot. 150° in the gun trucks,” he wrote. “Tracer fire would go overhead occasionally at night. IED’s on the road were a daily threat. We got resupplied food every 8 days.”

“The stress of being out there and doing the same job every single day eats away at you. The younger guys had problems with that overtime,” continued Salzman. “Any tiny little personal issue they had suddenly became a mountain. And that s*** came out on that fire base. And they snapped mentally…Guys would literally snap over a dear John letter. Their personal issues came out and they were instantly combat ineffective.”

“Now take someone confused about whether they are a man/woman. Take those psychological and emotional issues and put them in that environment,” he said. “Take someone who is right off the bat not uniform or part of the same team. Give them special treatment because of their identity.”

“Take that person, put them in that stressful war environment and watch what happens. It’s a f***ticking time bomb,” Salzman pointedly added.

“You have to be incredibly tough mentally, physically and emotionally. War is not a f***ing video game. It tests every ounce of your being,” asserted the vet. “You can’t teach someone to be a fearless warrior in a f***ing PowerPoint. You either have it or you don’t. You can hack it or you can’t.”

“War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your s*** together, or you don’t,” he stated. “And if you don’t, you’ll just get people needlessly killed. Political correctness has absolutely no place in the military.”

Salzman couldn’t be more right about this issue.

The military isn’t for the faint of heart, which is precisely why the standards to join are so high. We want the best of the best defending our liberty. To ensure that our way of life is secure, and that our troops are as safe as possible, candidates for enlistment must be of sound mind.

It’s clear that transgenderism is, in many ways, related to mental illness, and just like it would be unsafe to have a clinically depressed soldier in the field with a loaded weapon, so it is with someone who has issues with their gender.

No one wants a soldier by their side who is of questionable mental status. It’s unsafe for everyone, the transgendered individual included.

When Salzman says “political correctness has absolutely no place in the military,” he’s absolutely right. This is why Trump put the ban back in place, and that’s why it needs to stay there.

Source: TRUTH BOMB: Why one combat vet’s post supporting the trangender military ban is going viral – Allen B. West –

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