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Leader of Nigeria MassResistance publishes book on LGBT movement in Africa

The leader of Nigeria MassResistance, Dominic Idio, has published a ground-breaking book exploring and dissecting the homosexual movement through African eyes. The book launch event on May 2nd drew prominent Nigerians from the church, education and business communities and was … Continue reading

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A Survivor of Gay Bullying, Moira Greyland Peat Tells Her Story

What is it really like to be a child brought up in the “gay community” and surrounded by the “gay lifestyle”? It can be a nightmare, and the more of these people who speak up, the plainer it becomes that … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Brendan Eich, VGB

Brendan Eich is the software genius who designed Java-script and Mozilla Firefox. He was forced out of his job as Chief Executive of Mozilla when Gaystapo fanatics working inside the corporation discovered that he had not supported same-sex marriage, but … Continue reading

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