Gay Men Adopted and Murdered Girl aged 18 months

A homosexual man is on trial in Wales accused of murdering a baby girl aged 18 months whom he and his partner were (scandalously) allowed to adopt.

Matthew Scully-Hicks

Not only did the child die in the custody of this “gay” couple, but the local authority spent a fortune on a gagging order trying to prevent newspapers from reporting the murderers’ names. Why? Because they are “gay”. The authorities are desperate to conceal the truth that homosexuals are lousy parents, incapable of looking after themselves, let alone a child. Children are in grave danger from same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption.

His case was listed for hearing before Mrs Justice Nicola Davies on Friday morning. During the two-hour hearing, the defendant, dressed in a black shirt and pink tie, spoke only to confirm his name and enter his plea.  The prosecution were represented by Paul Lewis QC and the defence by Jonathan Mann QC.  Scully-Hicks, of Pengelly, Delabole, Cornwall, previously appeared before Judge Eleri Rees at Cardiff Crown Court on December 23 for a preliminary hearing.

This is the first time the case has been reported, as restrictions preventing the defendant from being named were lifted on Friday, following a media application.

The defendant was granted bail until his trial, which is due to start on June 12 and is expected to last for around four weeks.

>>When he finally came to trial on Oct 3rd, the case was promptly adjourned again. WHY?

Man accused of murdering 18-month-old adopted daughter has trial …

News › Wales News › Cardiff Crown Court
12 Jun 2017 – The defendant’s trial was listed to begin on Monday at
Cardiff Crown Court but was adjourned by Mrs Justice Nicola Davies
until October 3. Scully-Hicks wore a black suit and did not speak
during the hearing which lasted an hour-and-a-half. … Scully-Hicks,
of Pengelly, Delabole …

In concern to the murder of an adopted baby. – a Freedom of …
3 Jun 2017 – In concern to the murder of an adopted baby. …
involving the murder of an 18-month-old adopted child named as Elsie
Scully-Hicks, akà Shayla … being brought against the alleged
murderer Matthew Scully-Hicks take place?

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1 Response to Gay Men Adopted and Murdered Girl aged 18 months

  1. It would be so simple to amend the Equality Act, to say that providing children for adoption to adults who wanted to adopt was a service offered to the children, not the adults. That simple measure would prevent an unsuitable adult who wanted a child to adopt, claiming discrimination, if those who arrange adoption put the children’s interests first, as in the old days.

    As it is, unwanted, confiscated or orphaned children, are seen today as the commodity in the adoption trade, and adoptive parents as the business’s customers, rather than vice versa, as would be a more moral view of the trade – the view that used to b taken implicitly. Consequently, local authorities are powerless to refuse to serve bad parents with protected characteristics, when they apply to the adoption shops.


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